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Primary view of FMPC Solvent Treatment Area - Process Design
Pfeiffer, Carl & Maerker, John B.
July 6, 1951
Primary view of Soduim Graphite Reactor, Quarterly Progress Report, September-November 1953
Inman, G. M.
July 1, 1954
Primary view of A Study of Uranium Deposits in the Copper Mountain Area: Fremont and Hot Springs Counties, Wyoming
Loomis, Tom H. W. & Marks, Lawrence Y.
July 1957
Primary view of Results of exploration at Lost Creek schroeckingerite deposit, Sweetwater County, Wyoming, July 1951-February 1952: an interim report
Sheridan, Douglas M.; Collier, John T. & Sears, Richard S.
July 1952
Primary view of Studies on the chemical behavior of uranium minerals and compounds : topical report
Watson, W. I.; Hoffman, C. J. & Bullwinkel, E. P.
July 1955
Primary view of An interim report on the Lone Pine, California airborne survey
Mallory, Neil S. & Richards, Arthur J.
July 1, 1956
Primary view of Geology of the Uranium Deposits in the Cochetopa District, Saguache County, Colorado
Malan, Roger C.; Ranspot, Henry W. & Spengler, Ralph G.
July 1957
Primary view of Reconnaissance for Uranium in Spain (1955-1957)
Keys, W. S. & Henderson, James G.
July 9, 1959
Primary view of The applicability of resistivity, self-potential and radiometric logging techniques to stratigraphic and lithologic problems in the Ambrosia Lake area, New Mexico
Misz, J. B.
July 31, 1958
Primary view of Investigations of Domestic Radioactive Raw Materials, Beryllium, and Other Trace Elements Monthly Report: June 1951
Geological Survey (U.S.). Trace Elements Office.
Primary view of Investigation of the radioactive minerals in the black sands of the Del Monte glass sand deposits, Pacific Grove, California
Towle, Charles C.
July 1950
Primary view of Possibilities for uranium in Peru
Judd, Edward K. & DeSanctis, Helen E.
July 1953
Primary view of Possibilities for Uranium in Indonesia
Judd, Edward K.
July 1958
Primary view of Regional reconnaissance and prospecting in northeast Grants District, New Mexico
Mirsky, Arthur
July 10, 1953
Primary view of Uranium occurrences on the Goodner Lease, Sandoval County, New Mexico
Kittleman, L. R.
July 15, 1957
Primary view of Possibilities for Additional Uranium in Belgian Congo
Judd, Edward K.
July 1959
Primary view of Kinetics of the Alkylation and Acylation of Nickel Dipivaloyimethide
Johnson, Kenneth Eugene & Hammond, George Simms, 1921-2005
July 1959
Primary view of Tests on a High Current R.F. Joint in Vacuum
Wharton, Charles B.
July 25, 1951
Primary view of A Low Voltage Ion Source
Foster, J. S., (John Stuart), 1890-1964 & Martina, Eugene F.
July 12, 1951
Primary view of Production of Xe135 for Laboratory Purposes.  Irradiation of Uranium Hydroxide:  Final Report on Production Test 305-15-P
Culvahouse, J. W.; Finnigan, J. W.; Lefevre, H. W. & Peterson, R. E. (Russell Edwin), 1927-
July 15, 1953
Primary view of Stability of Florothene Under Exposure to Gamma Radiation
Adler, K. L.
July 6, 1956
Primary view of Surface Studies of Irradiated Graphite
Spalaris, C. N.
July 14, 1953
Primary view of An Ionization Chamber Method for the Standardization of Tritiated Water Samples
Myers, I. T.
July 23, 1953
Primary view of Liquid Metal Fuel Reactor Experiment:  Quarterly Technical Report No. 1, BAW-1001, July 1, 1956 to November 15, 1956
Babcock & Wilcox Company
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