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Primary view of International Symposium on Developments in Irradiation Capsule Technology: Held at Pleasanton, California, May 3-5, 1966
Hoffman, Donna R.
March 1967
Primary view of Aerial Radiological Monitoring System Part 4: Equipment and Procedures Through Fiscal Year 1966
Trundle, A. S., III & Story, E. J.
March 1966
Primary view of A Transistorized Pulse Height Analyzer for Gamma Spectroscopy
Graveson, R. T.
March 23, 1959
Primary view of Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications: Part 2. Plant Conceptual Studies
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
March 1962
Primary view of Automatic Mass Spectrometer for Isotopic Analysis of Lithium
McBryde, W. T. & Gammon, E. F.
March 15, 1962
Primary view of The Cold Pressing of Sinterable UO₂
Levey, R. P., Jr.
March 27, 1961
Primary view of Portable Mercury Vapor Detector
McMurray, C. S. & Redmond, J. W.
March 14, 1958
Primary view of A Nuclear Reactor System for Generating Power and Supplying Steam to a Water Desalination Plant in the Florida Keys
Burns and Roe
March 1964
Primary view of Extrusion Cladding of Fuel Element
Slunder, C. J.; Fiorentino, R. J. & Hall, A. M.
March 22, 1955
Primary view of Final Report to U.S. Atomic Energy Commission: Low-Temperature Heavy Water Plant
unknown creator
March 15, 1951
Primary view of Final Report: Investigation of Boiling Flow Regimes and Critical Heat Flux
Suo, M.; Bergles, Arthur E.; Doyle, Edward F.; Clawson, L. & Goldberg, P.
March 1, 1965
Primary view of Possible Estimation Methodologies for Electromagnetic Field Distributions in Complex Environments
Kanda, Motohisa; Randa, J. & Nahman, N. S.
March 1985
Primary view of Automated Measurement of Frequency Response of Frequency-Modulated Generators Using the Bessel Null Method
Major, J. R.; Livingston, E. M. & Adair, Robert T.
March 1986
Primary view of Solid-Phase-Reaction Studies of Control-Rod Materials
Gerds, Arnold F. & Mallett, Manley William, 1909-
March 9, 1956
Primary view of An Experimental Gamma Irradiator for Hospital Sterilization
Frankfort, J. Harry; Haram, S. & Wallach, S.
March 7, 1960
Primary view of 1024 Channel Time-of-Flight Analyzer for MTR Fast Chopper - Operating Manual
Petree, F. L.
March 11, 1959
Primary view of Radiation Damage to Organic Ion-Exchange Materials
Higgins, I. R.
March 16, 1953
Primary view of Electromagnetic Research Division Quarterly Progress Report, Part I for Period Ending June 30, 1952
Livingston, Robert S. & Howard, F. T.
March 7, 1957
Primary view of Fission Fragment Energy Deposition Efficiency
Steinberg, Meyer, 1924-
March 1962
Primary view of A Bubble Chamber Track-Centering Device with Digitized Output
Ayer, Frederick.; Pickup, Eric.; Rappe, Edwin F. & Wall, Gaylord.
March 1962
Primary view of A Versatile Bubble-Chamber Track Measuring Stage
Ayer, Frederick, II & Bolze, Ernest M.
March 1962
Primary view of Static Corrosion Behavior of Construction Materials in an Environment of Liquid Bismuth Base Metals at 550° C
Cordovi, M. A.
March 1, 1952
Primary view of Reactor Operations Division Monthly Report; March 1952
Powell, R. W.
March 1952
Primary view of Electromotive Force of Transfer Systems Containing Membranes
Nime, Leslie F. & Kuo, Jean
March 3, 1962
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