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Primary view of Thermal Conductance of Metallic Surfaces in Contact
Henry, John Jewett
February 1963
Primary view of Niobium-Tin-Aluminum Alloy Studies
Ellis, Thomas Gordon & Wilhelm, Harley A.
February 1963
Primary view of Gamma Ray Efficiencies for Well Type Scintillation Crystals
Dingus, Ronald S. & Stewart, M. G.
February 8, 1963
Primary view of Complex Systems of the Rare Earth Metals With Glycolate, Lactate, and α-Hydroxyisobutyrate Ligands
Powell, J. E.; Karraker, R. H.; Kolat, R. S. & Farrell, J. L.
February 21, 1963
Primary view of Acid-Base Reactions in Fused Salts. Dichromate-Bromate Reaction
Duke, F. R. & Schlegel, James
February 1963
Primary view of The Strontium-Strontium Hydride Phase System
Peterson, D. T. & Colburn, R. P.
February 20, 1963
Primary view of High Pressure Research at Low Temperatures
Swenson, C. A.
February 24, 1963
Primary view of Performance of Cesium Thermionic Diodes Operated in Series-Parallel Circuits
Holland, J. W.
February 1, 1963
Primary view of Yankee Core Evaluation Program Quarterly Progress Report: October-December 1962
Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Atomic Power Division.
February 1963
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Quarterly Progress Report: October 1 - December 31, 1963
Aerojet-General Corporation
February 15, 1963
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