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Primary view of 30 Megawatt Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator for Sodium Cooled Reactor System: Volume 2, Chemical and Stress Analysis
Alco Products (Firm)
February 28, 1962
Primary view of Analytical Chemistry Division Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending January 10, 1951
Kelley, M. T. & Susano, C. D.
March 28, 1951
Primary view of Bare Beryllium Extrusion Using Graphite Introductory Cones
Arnold, Samuel V.
June 28, 1949
Primary view of The Boundary Layer Between a Plasma and a Magnetic Field - I
Grad, Harold, 1923-
December 28, 1960
Primary view of BWR Reference Design for PL-3
Humphries, G. E.
February 28, 1962
Primary view of The Chlorination of TO₃
Gavlin, Gilbert; Hubbard, J. V. & Clewett, G. H.
December 28, 1945
Primary view of Corrosion investigation
Long, Edward
September 28, 1948
Primary view of Critical Ionization of Potentials of Uranium Hexafluoride
Cameron, Angus Ewan, 1906- & White, J. R.
November 28, 1955
Primary view of The Decomposition of Diphosphopyridinenucleotide (DPN) and Adenosinetriphosphate (ATP) by Ultraviolet Light
Carter, C. E.
April 28, 1949
Primary view of Determination of the Molecular Weight of "Tuballoy Pentachloride"
Goren, H. L.; Lowrie, Robert Sydney & Hubbard, J. V.
February 28, 1946
Primary view of Determination of Uranium by Fluorescence
Grimes, W. R. & Clark, F. E.
May 28, 1948
Primary view of Digestion and Filtration of Leached Zone in Pilot Plant
Dugger, Gordon L.; Adams, J. B. & Bart, Roger
February 28, 1955
Primary view of Disposition of Radiation Products and Energy Transfer in Radiobiological Processes
Augenstine, L. G.
March 28, 1962
Primary view of The Effect of Aneuploidy Upon the Chromosome Number of Succeeding Generations of Tetraploid Maize
Shaver, Donald L.
March 28, 1962
Primary view of Electron Requirements of Bonds in Metal Borides
Johnson, Robert W. & Daane, A. H. (Adrian Hill), 1919-
May 28, 1962
Primary view of The Entropy and Low Temperature Heat Capacity of Neptunium Dioxide
Westrum, Edgar F., Jr.; Hatcher, J. B. & Osborne, Darrell W.
July 28, 1950
Primary view of Evaluation and Design Heavy Water Moderated Power Reactor Plants
unknown creator
April 28, 1960
Primary view of Experimental Evaluation of a Sodium-to-Sodium Heliflow Heat Exchanger at Temperatures up to 1200°F
McDonald, J. S.
February 28, 1961
Primary view of Explosion and Detonation Properties of Mixtures of Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Water Vapor
Pigford, Thomas H.
August 28, 1952
Primary view of The Extraction Method of Purification of Uranyl Nitrate
Myers, L. S., Jr.; Anderson, K. C.; Wexler, Sol & Boyd, G. E.
August 28, 1942
Primary view of Feed Materials Production Center Summary Technical Report: July 1, 1963-September 30, 1963
unknown creator
October 28, 1963
Primary view of Final Report:  Production Test No. 305-2-N Experimental Results Obtained From Test Pile Reactivity Measurements on Plutonium
Lefevre, H. W & Triplett, J. R.
April 28, 1953
Primary view of Fission Product Activity in SM-1 Core I Primary System and Surface Contamination on SM-1 Type Fuel Elements. Task XVIII, Phases 2 and 3
Hasse, Robert A. & Zegger, John L.
February 28, 1961
Primary view of Freezing Point Diagram and Liquid-Liquid Solubilities of the System Uranium Hexafluoride-Hydrogen Fluoride
Rutledge, Gene P.; Jarry, Roger L. & Davis, W., Jr.
December 28, 1952
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