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Primary view of Aqueous Homogeneous Reactors for Producing Central-Station Power
Briggs, R. B.; Haubenreich, P. N.; Sanders, J. P.; Aven, R. E.; Zapp, F. C.; Segaser, C. L. et al.
May 25, 1951
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Monthly Progress Report: April 1959
Aerojet-General Corporation
May 25, 1959
Primary view of Army PWR Support and Development Program Six Months Summary Report : October 1, 1961 - March 31, 1962
Dixon, M. H.
May 25, 1962
Primary view of The Biological Behavior of Organic Compounds Containing Radiophosphorus
Morrison, D. C. & Crowley, Josephine F.
April 25, 1952
Primary view of Calculations of the Madelung Constant and Inverse Twelfth Power Repulsion Factors for the Wurtzite Crystal Structure
Gehman, William G.
July 25, 1965
Primary view of Chemistry Division Quarterly Report:  June, July and August, 1950
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
September 25, 1950
Primary view of The Chemistry of Vanadium: A Summary of the Non-Project Literature Through November, 1952
Frank, Andrew J.
June 25, 1954
Primary view of Conceptual Design for 75 MWe Mixed Spectrum Superheating Reactor Power Plant
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
February 25, 1962
Primary view of Corrosion Data From the ORNL Purex Pilot Plant Acid Recovery Equipment
Landry, J. W. & Ullmann, J. W.
March 25, 1952
Primary view of Critical Dimensions of Untamped Conical Vessels
Murray, Raymond
August 25, 1947
Primary view of Description and Some Safeguard Aspects of Proposed Developmental Fast Neutron Breeder Reactor
Atomic Power Development Associates
July 25, 1955
Primary view of Development of the Higgins Continuous Ion Exchange Contactor for the Recovery of Uranium from Leached Ore Pulps
Higgins, I. R.; Hancher, C. W. & Arehart, T. A.
March 25, 1955
Primary view of Direct Conversion of the TF₆ to TCl₄
Calkins, Vincent P.
September 25, 1945
Primary view of Direct Current Electromagnetic Pumps
Barnes, A. H.; Smith, F. A. & Whitham, G. K.
October 25, 1949
Primary view of DuPont Prototype Safety and Control Rod Drive Testing
VandeMark, G. M. & Krause, P. S.
April 25, 1960
Primary view of Evaluation of The Texas Company Airborne Radioactivity Survey at Blanding, Utah
Rosenzweig, Abraham
April 25, 1952
Primary view of An Experimental Determination of Fission Product Heating After Shutdown of the Low Intensity Training Reactor
Beall, S. E.
September 25, 1951
Primary view of Factors Affecting the Penta-Ether Extraction Uranium
Musser, D. F.; Krause, D. P. & Smellie, Robert H.
July 25, 1947
Primary view of Fast Neutron Data
Feshbach, H.
January 25, 1950
Primary view of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Costs and Temperature Coefficients of Reactivity for PuO2-SS and PuO2-UO2
Edwards, J. J.; Fischer, E. A.; Jens, W. H.; Nims, J. B.; Palmer, R. G.; Shoudy, A. A. et al.
April 25, 1963
Primary view of Flux Distributions and Critical k [infinity] Values for Cylindrical Reactors Simulation the MTR
Bray, D. T. & McMurry, Henry Lewis, {}
June 25, 1952
Primary view of Foam Suppression of Radioactive Iodine and Particulates
Yoder, Robert E.; Fontana, Mario H. & Silverman, Leslie
February 25, 1964
Primary view of Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Thermal Entrance Regions Part III. Heat Transfer to Liquid Metals
Harrison, William B.
June 25, 1954
Primary view of Hydrologic and Geologic Studies for Project Gnome: Progress Report
Geological Survey (U.S.)
September 25, 1962
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