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Primary view of Abrasive Cutting of Irradiated Uranium
Boyd, Carl L.
September 17, 1953
Primary view of Ames Project, Chemical Research - General Chemistry, Report for the Period of April 10 to May 10, 1944
Spedding, F. H. (Frank Harold), 1902- & Wilhelm, H. A.
June 17, 1944
Primary view of Analysis of Bulk Shielding Facility Neutron Dosimeter Data
Podgor, S.
July 17, 1952
Primary view of Analytical studies of the estimation of beryllium oxide in beryllium metal
Rynasiewicz, Joseph
April 17, 1951
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Semiannual Progress Report: January 1 - June 30, 1962
Aerojet-General Corporation
August 17, 1962
Primary view of The Biologic Effects of Radiation ; Training Program Lecture Notes
Cantril, Simeon T.
May 17, 1943
Primary view of Capture of Fast Neutrons by Pb208
Levinger, Joseph S., 1921-; Compton, A. H.; Allison, Samuel King, 1900-1965; Watson, W. W. & Snell, A. H.
April 17, 1944
Primary view of A Cement Base for the Hot Filament Mass Spectrometer Source
Hand, John E.
January 17, 1952
Primary view of Comparison of Radiation-Induced Graft Copolymerization Untilizing Electron Accelerators and Isotope Sources as Radiation Initiators
unknown creator
October 17, 1961
Primary view of Coulometric Titration Plutonium
Dreeben, A. B.
February 17, 1953
Primary view of Development and Properties of Uranium Monocarbide Cermets : Final Report
McGee, S. W. & Sump, C. H.
September 17, 1956
Primary view of Drilling on Tenderfoot Mesa, Mesa County, Colorado (Revised from RMO-821, for open file)
Davis, Wiliam T.
January 17, 1956
Primary view of Dual Channel Pulse Analyser and Count-Rate Meter for Gamma Spectrometer Monitor
Paul, R. S. & Wood, M. R.
June 17, 1954
Primary view of Earth Vibrations from a Nuclear Explosion in a Salt Dome
Mickey, W. V.; Lowrie, L. M. & Shugart, T. R.
March 17, 1967
Primary view of The Effect of Gases on the Wetting of Steels by Liquid Bismuth
Heckman, R. A.
January 17, 1951
Primary view of The Effect of Temperature on the Distribution of Nitric Acid Between Dibutyl Carbitol and Aqueous Solutions of Copper Nitrate
Shacklett, C. D. & Wilcox, W. J., Jr.
January 17, 1946
Primary view of Effects of Total Body Z Irradiation of Rats.  Part I, Lethal Action of Single, Paired, and Periodic Doses
Hagen, Charles W., Jr. & Simmons, Eric L.
June 17, 1947
Primary view of Examination made for Mr. Marc Jenkins of a property in the White Signal mining district, Grant County, New Mexico
Gaggini, Louis P.
September 17, 1948
Primary view of Further Critical Experiments on a Small Reactor of Enriched U-235 with Al-H₂O Moderator and Beryllium Reflector
Martin, A. B. & Mann, M. M.
August 17, 1948
Primary view of Hydrogen Peroxide Analysis and Decomposition in Chromate Solutions
Rynasiewicz, Joseph & Ryan, J. W.
March 17, 1952
Primary view of Injection Trajectories and Beam Matching for the Cambridge Electron Accelerator
Steffen, Klaus G.
April 17, 1957
Primary view of Interim Report on Corrosion by Zirconium-Base Fluorides
Adamson, G. M.; Crouse, R. S. & Manly, W. D.
January 17, 1961
Primary view of Internal Conversion Coefficients of the 2+-0+, E2 Transitions in Even-Even Sm152[over]90 and Gd152[over]88
Lu, D. C. & Schupp, G.
July 17, 1961
Primary view of Loop-Type Liquid-Gas Separator
Barlow, J. W.; Jones, F. H. & Reuther, R. H.
November 17, 1951
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