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Primary view of Feed Materials Production Center Summary Technical Report: January 1, 1963-March 31, 1963
unknown creator
May 10, 1963
Primary view of The Properties and Heat Treatment of Zirconium-Uranium Alloys
Chubb, Walston; Muehlenkamp, G. T. & Manning, G. K.
January 10, 1955
Primary view of Equations for Bilateral Heat Transfer to Fluids Flowing in Concentric Annuli
Dwyer, Orrington Embry, 1912-
April 10, 1962
Primary view of Cation Exchange in Acetone-Water-Hydrochloric Acid
Fritz, James S. (James Sherwood), 1924- & Rettig, Thomas A.
May 10, 1962
Primary view of A Solvent Extraction Method for Neptunium (237) Analysis
Moore, Fletcher L.
July 10, 1951
Primary view of Chemistry Division Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending March 31, 1951
Lind, S. C.; Boyd, G. E. & Bredig, M. A.
May 10, 1951
Primary view of Homogeneous Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report [for] Period Ending May 15, 1951
Swartout, J. A.; Secoy, C. H. & Winters, C. E.
October 10, 1951
Primary view of Energetic Neutral Injection into Thermonuclear Machines
Lauer, Eugene J.
August 10, 1955
Primary view of Reconnaissance of the Greagor group, Bull Canyon district, Montrose County, Colorado
Morgan, James E.
December 10, 1952
Primary view of Investigation of the Calyx No. 3 Mine, Temple Mountain Area, San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah
Baumgardner, L. & Noble, E. A.
April 10, 1957
Primary view of Geology of Horse Mesa, Arizona - New Mexico, with Recommendations for Wagon Drilling
King, John W.
September 10, 1952
Primary view of Memorandum Listing the Areas in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico that are Geologically Favorable for Developing Large Reserves of Vanadium Ore by Prospecting
Fischer, R. P.
April 10, 1943
Primary view of Report on Reserves and Production Situation of Vanadiferous and Related Ores in Colorado Plateau Region
Fischer, Richard P. & Stokes, William Lee
October 10, 1943
Primary view of Nuclear Power for Pittsburgh : Final Report of Walter Kidde Nuclear Laboratories, Inc. on Duquesne-Kidde Nuclear Power Study
Barker, James J.
November 10, 1955
Primary view of Surface Motions from a Series of Underground Nuclear Tests
Carder, D. S.; Cloud, W. K.; Pearce, T. H. & Murphy, L. M.
August 10, 1959
Primary view of A Brief Study of Boiling Water Reactors in the 5 to 40 eMW Range
unknown creator
October 10, 1959
Primary view of Survey of PWR Power Plants, 10-30 eMW Size
unknown creator
October 10, 1959
Primary view of Nuclear Superheat Meeting: October 1960
Mravca, Andrew E.
November 10, 1960
Primary view of Critical Path Scheduling in Maintenance
Gritzner, C. L.; Jones, J. P. & Ellis, J. M.
April 10, 1961
Primary view of A Vapor Pressure Chart for Metals
Loftness, Robert L.
July 10, 1952
Primary view of The Coprecipitation of Thorium and Uranium Peroxides
Oringer, Roy; Woodard, R. W. & Larson, C. E.
May 10, 1946
Primary view of Reclamation of Contaminated Kinney and Diffusion Pump Oils and Removal of Uranium Therefrom
Lee, J. E. Jr.; Aikin, L. M. & Susano, C. D.
March 10, 1947
Primary view of Uranium Hydride : A Survey
Kitzes, A. S.
April 10, 1950
Primary view of Some Aspects of Reactor Theory
Weinberg, Alvin Martin, 1915-2006
October 10, 1952
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