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Primary view of Studies on the Experimental Pathology and Biochemistry of the Pulmonary Granulomatosis of Beryllium Workers. Section II, Consolidated Progress Report. Supplement: a Review of the Physical Chemistry of Beryllium
Schepers, G. W. H. (Gerrit Willem Hendrik), 1914-
April 25, 1955
Primary view of Aerosol Collection by Wetted Fiberglass Media
Leary, Joseph A.; Clark, Robert A.; Hammond, R. Philip & Leopold, Charles S.
April 28, 1954
Primary view of Grüneisen's Law and the Fusion Curve at High Pressure
Gilvarry, J. J. (John James), 1917-
April 11, 1955
Primary view of Elution of Uranium From Anion Exchange Resins by Pregnant Rand Solutions
Pannell, J. H.; Michal, S. B.; Thorpe, D. F.; Lower, G. W.; Bloecher, F. W. & Perkins, Carl W.
April 30, 1953
Primary view of Cobalt (II) Halides as Electrolytes in Acentonitrile
Janz, George J.; Marcinkowsky, Arthur E. & Venkatasetty, H. V.
April 1962
Primary view of The Nature of the Axioms of Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Sudarshan, E.C.G. & Bardakci, K
April 26, 1961
Primary view of The Proton-Proton Triple Scattering Parameters R and A at 213 Mev
England, Alan C.; Givson, William A. & Gotow, Kazuo
April 17, 1961
Primary view of Tables of Explicit Eigenfunctions for the Reductions 8 x 8, 10 x 8, 10 x  10 and 10 x 10 for the Group SU3
Tarajanne, Pekka
April 1963
Primary view of The Lepton Decay Nodes of Hyperons
Harrington, David R.
April 1961
Primary view of Linearized Three Component Magneto-Hydrodynamics
Liboff, Richard L., 1931-2014
April 30, 1962
Primary view of Conical Refraction in Crystal Optics and Hydromagnetics
Ludwig, Donald
April 22, 1960
Primary view of A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Optical Fibers
Potter, Robert J.
April 1, 1960
Primary view of The Precipitation of Lanthanum from Solution in the Presence of Radiation
Penneman, R. A. (Robert Allen), 1919-; Ghormley, J. A.; Gordon, S.; Leaf, B. & Allen, A. O. (Augustine O.)
April 6, 1945
Primary view of Ames Project, Chemical Research - Analytical Chemistry, Report for Period of February 1 to March 10, 1944
Spedding, F. H. (Frank Harold), 1902- & Wilholm, H. A.
April 13, 1944
Primary view of Determination of Free Nitric Acid in UNH Solutions, Problem Assignment No. 208-X2A, Progress Report
Parlour, A. K. & Hammond, C. W.
April 21, 1944
Primary view of Survey of Processing Methods for the Production of Thorium Metal from Monazite Sand and Thorium Nitrate
Bulkowski, H. Harold & Maerker, John B.
April 23, 1951
Primary view of Radiation Effects, Quarterly Progress Report, July - September, 1953
Faris, F. E.
April 15, 1954
Primary view of Effect of Reactor Irradiation on the Thermal Conductivity of Uranium Impregnated Graphite at Elevated Temperatures
Durand, Richard E.; Klein, David J. & Nykiel, Harry H.
April 29, 1954
Primary view of Separations Chemistry, Quarterly Progress Report, July-September 1953
Motta, E. E.; Bareis, D. W. & Cubicciotti, D.
April 1, 1954
Primary view of The ScCl3-Sc System
Polyachenok, O. G. & Novikov, G. I.
April 1964
Primary view of Recommendations for Wagon Drilling, Temple Mountain District, Utah
Sheridan, M. J.
April 23, 1951
Primary view of Radioactivity Dissemination Near Uranium Processing Mills
Feldman, M. H.; Troianello, Emilio J.; Coates, G. K. & Sheehan, W. R.
April 1, 1961
Primary view of Investigation of the Calyx No. 3 Mine, Temple Mountain Area, San Rafael Swell, Emery County, Utah
Baumgardner, L. & Noble, E. A.
April 10, 1957
Primary view of Decontamination of buildings used for processing alpha emitters
Klevin, Paul B.; Harris, W. B. & Blatz, Hanson I.
April 29, 1954
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