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Primary view of Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance Basic Data for Oklahoma City Quadrangle, Oklahoma
National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program
July 26, 1978
Primary view of Reactor Development Program Progress Report: September 1966
Adams, R. M. & Glassner, A.
October 26, 1966
Primary view of Final Report: Geological, Geophysical, Chemical, and Hydrological Investigations of the Sand Springs Range, Fairview Valley, and Fourmile Flat, Churchill County, Nevada
Nevada. Bureau of Mines.
April 26, 1965
Primary view of Planar Dynode Multipliers for High-Speed Counting
Sapp, W. W. & Sternglass, Ernest J.
February 26, 1964
Primary view of High Power Density Development Project: Potter Meter Calibration and Instrumented Fuel Bundle Pressure Drop
Polomik, E. E. & Swan, C. L.
July 26, 1963
Primary view of Colloidal Radioalbumin Aggregates for Organ Scanning : presented at 10th Annual Meeting, Nuclear Medicine Society, Montreal, Canada, June 26-29, 1963
Taplin, George V.; Dore, Earl K.; Johnson, DeLores E. & Kaplan, Harriet.
June 26, 1963
Primary view of The Design and Performance of Levitation Melting Coils
Hulsey, William Jewell
April 26, 1963
Primary view of The Inference of Adsorption from Differential Double Layer Capacitance Measurements
Hansen, Robert S.; Kelsh, Dennis J. & Grantham, D. H.
April 26, 1963
Primary view of The Scandium-Yttrium and Scandium-Zirconium System
Beaudry, B. J. & Daane, A. H.
October 26, 1962
Primary view of Yankee Core Evaluation Program Quarterly Progress Report: June-September 1962
Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Atomic Power Division.
October 26, 1962
Primary view of Synergistic Effect of Tri-N-Octylamine on the Solvent Extraction of Thorium by Thenolytricluoroacetone
Newman, Leonard & Klots, Paul
April 26, 1962
Primary view of Fort McClellan Radiological Instruction Area (ARMS-II)
Guillou, R. B.
March 26, 1962
Primary view of On the Structure of Sperm Whale Myoglobin. [Part] 1, The Amino Acid Composition and Terminal Groups of the Chromatographically Purified Protein
Edmundson, A. B. & Hirs, C. H. W.
March 26, 1962
Primary view of The Nature of the Axioms of Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Sudarshan, E.C.G. & Bardakci, K
April 26, 1961
Primary view of Dissolution of Power Reactor Fuel Cores
Blaine, H. T.
August 26, 1960
Primary view of Transistorized Pulse Counting Equipment
Henry, John J.
July 26, 1960
Primary view of Final Report on Design Tests PR-50 and PR-51: Reactor Piping Seal Testing and Reactor Piping Structural Integrity
Jackson, P. M.
June 26, 1959
Primary view of Molten-Salt Reactor Program Quarterly Progress Report: April 1959
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
June 26, 1959
Primary view of Results of Experiments Made With U.S.B.M. Electrocerium
Miner, William N.
February 26, 1959
Primary view of APPR-1 Research and Development Program. Design Analysis for Flow and Temperature Measurement Program, Task No. 5
Richards, W. M. S.
September 26, 1958
Primary view of Pilot Plant Fluorination of Uranium Fuel Elements by Bromine Trifluoride
Strickland, G.; Horn, F. L. & Johnson, R.
July 26, 1957
Primary view of Exploratory drilling on Frey Point Mesa, White Canyon area, San Juan County, Utah
Miller, L. J.; Spencer, D. F & Oertell, E. W.
June 26, 1957
Primary view of Preliminary reconnaissance of the central Zuni uplift, New Mexico
Baumgardner, Luther
November 26, 1956
Primary view of Continuous Velocity Logging as Applied to Uranium Exploration
Scott, James H.
September 26, 1956
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