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Primary view of An Evaluation of Mercury Cooled Breeder Reactors
Advanced Technology Laboratories
October 13, 1959
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Quarterly Progress Report: July 1 - September 30, 1964
Aerojet-General Corporation
November 13, 1964
Primary view of Feasibility of an Electro-Magnetic Method of Interface Level Measurement
Anthony, David J. & Parsegian, V. L.
August 13, 1948
Primary view of The Equation of State of Solids at Low Temperature
Bernardes, N. (Newton), 1931- & Swenson, C. A.
October 13, 1961
Primary view of IV.  Production and Heating
Brown, Harold
February 13, 1951
Primary view of Uranium Production - Process Designs for Leached Zone Plants Volume 3. Alumina Recovery Section
Clements, D. F.; Williams, W. B.; McCullough, R. F. & Wrege, E. E.
April 13, 1955
Primary view of 100-Ton Test at Trinity: Report on Earth Velocity Measurements
Coon, J. H.; Houghton, H. M. & Nobles, Ralph
June 13, 1945
Primary view of Pile Control IV, Nuclear Engineering Course 1947 - 1948
Crever, Frederick E.
May 13, 1948
Primary view of Geologic and Radiometric Reconnaissance Along the San Juan and Colorado Rivers Between Mexican Hat, Utah, and Lees Ferry Arizona
Dahl, Harry M.
October 13, 1955
Primary view of RF Field Investigations on the 1/10 Scale Mark I Cavity
Dazey, Mitchell; Nielsen, Dale; Robertson, Raymond & Sewell, Duane
March 13, 1951
Primary view of Preparation of Ductile Zirconium: Progress Report for April 1949
DiPietro, W. O.; Findlay, G. R. & Mellen, G. L.
May 13, 1949
Primary view of Report on phase I drilling on the King Tut Mesa experimental program
Dodd, Philip H.
March 13, 1952
Primary view of Reconnaissance of Wilson Mesa and Upper Brumley Ridge, San Juan County, Utah
Droullard, R. F.
August 13, 1952
Primary view of The Effects of Irradiation Cycling on Pressurized Water Reactor Blanket Fuel Elements
Eichenberg, John D.
March 13, 1957
Primary view of The Crystal Structure of Bis(Meta-Chlorobenzoyl) Methane
Engebretson, Gordon R. & Rundle, R. E.
December 13, 1962
Primary view of A Single Stage Axial Compressor Blade Test Facility
Fee, G. G.
January 13, 1964
Primary view of Development of Pulsed Neutron Application to Power Reactor Start-Up Procedures. Fourth Quarterly Progress Report, January 1-March 31, 1963
Garelis, Edward & Meyer, Paul
May 13, 1963
Primary view of Formation Constants of the Complex Species Formed by Interaction of Rare-Earth Nitrilotriacetate Complexes with an Equivalent Amount of Base
Guptak, Asim K. & Powell, Jack E.
April 13, 1962
Primary view of Experimental Usefulness of the Kangaroo Rat
Haley, Thomas J.
September 13, 1963
Primary view of Reconnaissance of Red Rock Valley, Apache County, Arizona
Hanshaw, Bruce B.
July 13, 1954
Primary view of The Weighting of Intensities
Hershaft, Alex & Corbett, John D.
December 13, 1962
Primary view of Thermodynamic Diagrams for Sodium
Inatomi, T. H. & Parrish, W. C.
July 13, 1950
Primary view of Boiling Points and Surface Tensions of Mixtures of Benzyl Acetate With Dioxan, Aniline and Meta-Cresol
Katti, P. K. & Chaudhri, M. M.
September 13, 1962
Primary view of Experimental Breeder Project: Report for the Period March 1, 1949 Through January 31, 1950
Lichtenberger, H. V.
March 13, 1950
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