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Primary view of The Grüneisen Parameter for an Einstein Solid and Under Finite Strain
Gilvarry, J. J. (John James), 1917-
September 26, 1955
Primary view of Liquid Metal Level Instrument
Robinson, H.; Dows, L. H. & Droms, C. R.
March 18, 1952
Primary view of Semi-Annual Progress Report, September 30, 1955
University of Utah. Radiobiology Laboratory
September 30, 1955
Primary view of Rates of Convergence in Numerical Solution of the Diffusion Equation
Stark, R. H.
Primary view of Precise Closed-Form Solutions of Some Mixed Boundary Value Problems of Plane Elasticity
Horvay, Gabriel, 1908- & Born, J. B.
Primary view of The Mass Spectrum of Methane and the Energy Levels of the Fragment Ions and Radicals
Krauss, Morris; Wahrhaftig, Austin L. & Eyring, Henry, 1901-1981
July 1955
Primary view of High-Energy Electron Scattering and the Charge Distribution of Selected Nuclei
Hahn, Beat & Ravenhall, D. G.
October 1955
Primary view of Crystal Structures and Atomic Volumes of the Elements
McMillan, W. G.
August 12, 1955
Primary view of The Chlorine Trifluoride-Hydrogen Fluoride System. Some Vapor Pressure and Conductance Measurements
Rogers, Max T.; Speirs, John L. & Panish, Morton B.
Primary view of Recrystallized Texture of Alpha Uranium
Seymour, W. & Duffey, J.
January 11, 1955
Primary view of Effect of Correlations on the Equation of State of an Electron Gas
Ferrell, Richard
January 14, 1955
Primary view of Sealing Radioactive Specimens in Glass Ampoules
Reynolds, Myron B.
Primary view of The Iodine Pentafluoride-Hydrogen Fluoride System. Solid-Liquid Equilibria, Vapor Pressures, Molar Volumes and Specific Conductances
Rogers, Max T.; Speirs, John L. & Panish, Morton B.
Primary view of Note on an Approximation Method of Brueckner, Levinson, and Mahmoud
Goad, Walter B., 1925-2000
Primary view of The Adsorption of He3 and He4 on Activated Charcoal
Hoffman, C. J.; Edeskuty, F. J. & Hammel, Edward F. (Edward Frederick), 1918-
Primary view of The Heat of Combustion of Calcium
Huber, Elmer J., Jr & Holley, Charles E., Jr.
Primary view of The Equation of State of Gases by Shock Wave Measurements. II. The Dissociation Energy of Nitrogen
Christian, R. H.; Duff, R. E. & Yarger, F. L.
Primary view of The Laplace Transform Method of Obtaining X-ray Spectral Energy Distributions
Emigh, C. Robert
November 20, 1954
Primary view of One Million Frame per Second Camera
Brixner, Berlyn
Primary view of Infrared Spectra and Structure of the Crystalline Sodium Acetate Complexes of U(VI), Np(VI), Pu(VI), and Am(VI). A Comparison of Metal-Oxygen Bond Distance and Bond fFrce Constant in this Series
Jones, Llewellyn H., 1919-
January 31, 1955
Primary view of Mathematical Studies on Galvanic Corrosion. Part IV. Influence of Electrolyte Thickness on the Potential and Current Distributions over Coplanar Electrodes Using Polarization Parameters
Waber, James T. & Fagan, Bertha
Primary view of Equation of State of Solids
Walsh, J. M. & Yarger, F L.
December 13, 1954
Primary view of The Crystal Structure and Thermal Expansion of Gamma Plutonium
Zachariasen, William H. (William Houlder), 1906-1979 & Ellinger, F. H.
December 13, 1953
Primary view of The Spectrophotometric Determination of Dissociation Constants of Dibasic Acids. Methods Using a Minimum Amount of Data
Thamer, Burton J.
January 1954
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