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Primary view of Fast Neutron Flux Measurements and Analysis in SM-1 and PM-2A Core and Vessel Mockups
Sontheimer, K. C.; Kemp, S. N.; Lois, L.; Clancy, E. F. & McCool, W. J.
March 31, 1962
Primary view of PM-2A Core II Zero Power Experiment
Walthousen, L. D.; Mageean, J. V.; Raby, T. M. & Lee, D. H.
March 30, 1962
Primary view of Summary Report of Analysis of Physics Measurements Performed on SM-1 Core I
Lois, L.; Paluszkiewicz, S.; Fried, B. E. & Beam, R. H.
March 30, 1962
Primary view of Evaluation of Zirconium Hydride as Moderator in Integral, Boiling Water-Superheat Reactors
Gylfe, J. D.; Rood, H.; Greenleaf, J.; Balkwill, K.; Prem, L. & Goldfisher, L.
March 1, 1962
Primary view of Multi-Channel Boiling Stability for Sodium Graphite Reactors
Cappel, H. H.
March 1, 1962
Primary view of Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications: Part 2. Plant Conceptual Studies
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
March 1962
Primary view of Automatic Mass Spectrometer for Isotopic Analysis of Lithium
McBryde, W. T. & Gammon, E. F.
March 15, 1962
Primary view of Nuclear Superheat Quarterly Project Report: Eighth Quarter, April-June 1961
Pennington, R. T.
March 1962
Primary view of Magnetic Force Welding Sintered Aluminum Powder Materials
Mills, L. E.
March 1962
Primary view of Strength and Metallurgical Properties of the Zircaloy-2 Pressure Tubes for the Plutonium Recycle Test Reactor
Knecht, R. L. & Pankaskie, P. J.
March 1962
Primary view of Annual Progress Report on Fuel Element Development for Fiscal Year 1961
Gibson, G. W. & Shupe, O. K.
March 9, 1962
Primary view of Fort McClellan Radiological Instruction Area (ARMS-II)
Guillou, R. B.
March 26, 1962
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