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Primary view of Design of a Pilot Plant Facility for Radioactive Demonstration of the Pot Calcination Process
Wheeler, B. R. & Buckham, James Andrew
December 14, 1962
Primary view of Terminal Report : Conceptual Study of a System for Radioactive Demonstration of the Chop-Leach Process
Buckham, J. A.; P'Pool, R. S. & Pitkin, R. G.
Primary view of Proposal for an Advanced Engineering Test Reactor : ETR II
deBoisblanc, D. R.
March 17, 1960
Primary view of MUFT Revision : A Fast Neutron Spectrum Code for the IBM-650
Grimesey, Robert A.; Mullen, Frank Edward & Gannon, L. J.
Primary view of Standard Practices for Design of MTR and ETR Safety Circuits
Jones, L. H.
September 15, 1957
Primary view of Supplement to Standard Practices for Design of MTR and ETR Safety Circuits
Jones, L. H.
November 21, 1958
Primary view of Distribution of Uranium at Low Acid : Low Uranium Concentrations into 4-1/2 Percent TBP-AMSCO
Andelin, Robert L.; Anderson, Edward L. & McVey, W. H.
August 23, 1956
Primary view of Startup Operation of a Production Facility for Separating Barium-140 from MTR Fuel
Legler, Billy Mason; Fairbourne, S. F.; Kelly, P. N. & Robinson, R. A.
September 1, 1957
Primary view of A Study of the Feasibility of a Small Scale Reprocessing Plant for the Dresden Nuclear Power Station
Schneider, H.; Fletcher, R. D.; Codding, J. W.; Bearden, R. G.; Erickson, E. E.; Horn, S. J. et al.
April 28, 1961
Primary view of An Evaluation of Four Processes for Recovering Uranium from Zirconium Fuels at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant
Burn, P.
April 27, 1962
Primary view of Pilot Plant Development Studies of a Continuous Process for Recovering Uranium from Nichrome Fuels
Chamberlain, H. V.
June 20, 1962
Primary view of Critical Path Scheduling of ETR and MTR Reactor Shutdowns
Jacobs, R. T. & Myers, L. L.
January 10, 1962
Primary view of Unitized Microfilm System for Engineering Drawings of Idaho Operations Office, USAEC and Its Contractors
Masterson, Richard G.
April 16, 1962
Primary view of ICPP Waste Calcining Facility : Safety Analysis Report
Lakey, L. T. & Bower, J. R.
December 1, 1963
Primary view of Zirconium Processing Capability of the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant
Bower, J. R.
October 1964
Primary view of MTR Technical Branch Quarterly Report, Third Quarter
Conner, W. P.
November 1, 1956
Primary view of Chemical Processing Instrumentation and Control Research Program
Schneider, Harry
September 18, 1957
Primary view of Design Bases for ICPP Waste Calcination Facility
MacQueen, D. K. & Stevens, J. I.
January 16, 1959
Primary view of Research and Development Studies on Waste Storage Process
Ortner, M. H.; Anderson, C. J. & Campbell, P. F.
May 19, 1961
Primary view of Scintillation Spectrometry : Gamma-Ray Spectrum Catalogue
Heath, R. L.
July 1, 1957
Primary view of Summary of the Spert-I, -II, and -III reactor facilities
Montgomery, C. R.; Norberg, J. A. & Wilson, T. R.
November 1, 1957
Primary view of Engineering Test Reactor Critical Facility Hazards Summary Report, Supplement I
deBoisblanc, D. R.; Burdick, Earl E. & DeBoer, T. K.
January 24, 1958
Primary view of Source Strength Information for Shielding and Stack Effluent Calculations: a Standard Practices Guide
Jones, L. H.
October 3, 1958
Primary view of Maintenance of ETR Coolant
Haas, F. C.
August 15, 1958
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