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Primary view of Spark-Source Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Common and Radiogenic Lead
Franklin, John C. & Griffin, E. B.
June 11, 1965
Primary view of SL-1 Annual Operating Report: February, 1960-January 3, [1961]
unknown creator
June 15, 1961
Primary view of A Continuous Water Monitor for Detecting PPM Quantities of Alkali Metals
Been, Julian F.
June 20, 1955
Primary view of Shipboard Cobalt-60 Radiopasteurizer for Marine Products
Manowitz, B.; Kuhl, A. O.; Galanter, L.; Armel, J.; Black, K. M.; Klaassen, W. J. et al.
June 30, 1963
Primary view of Ceramic Investigations of UO₂
Allison, Adrian G. & Duckworth, Winston H.
June 16, 1955
Primary view of Stability of Phosphors to Beta Radiation
Senett, W. P.; Diehl, K. & Wright, R.
June 24, 1960
Primary view of Investigation of Types of Seals for Main Coolant Pumps for Large Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Plants
unknown creator
June 1960
Primary view of Evaluation and Consolidation of Electrolytic Thorium
Saller, Henry A.; Dickerson, Ronald F. & Foster, Ellis L.
June 15, 1955
Primary view of Engineering Evaluation of a Mixed Alloy Fuel Element Irradiated at Elevated Temperatures in the SRE
Ballif, J. L.; Hayward, B. R. & Walter, J. W.
June 1, 1960
Primary view of OMR (Piqua) Unitized Control-Safety Rod Prototype Tests
Howell, J. D. & Weeks, C. C.
June 30, 1960
Primary view of Operating Experience with Heat Transfer System Pumps at the Hallum Nuclear Power Facility
Durand, R. E.
June 15, 1964
Primary view of A Rotary Kiln for the Controlled Oxidation of UC
Strausberg, S.
June 30, 1965
Primary view of SNAP 10A FSEM-3 Agena Compatibility Test
Teresa, M.
June 15, 1965
Primary view of Health Physics Report: October-December 1957
unknown creator
June 4, 1958
Primary view of HNPF Control System Response During Transient Conditions
Shaw, P. F.
June 15, 1964
Primary view of Calandria Core Weld Joint Development
Roberts, J. G.
June 30, 1965
Primary view of Reactor Technology Report Number 13: Engineering
unknown creator
June 1960
Primary view of Piqua Nuclear Power Facility Operations Analysis Program Progress Report Number 5: July-December 1964
unknown creator
June 15, 1965
Primary view of Irradiation behavior of unalloyed hypostoichiometric uranium carbide, experiment AI 3-11 and review
Frank, J. E.; Forrester, R. E. & Buck, J. S.
June 22, 1968
Primary view of Analog Models for HNPF Control and Protection Studies
Dunsmore, C. L.
June 15, 1964
Primary view of Transistorized Log-Period Amplifier
Wade, E. J. & Davidson, D. S.
June 1959
Primary view of Critical Experiments on Slightly Enriched Uranium Metal Fuel Elements in Graphite Lattices
Campbell, R. W.; Doyas, R. J.; Field, H. C.; Guderjahn, C. A.; Guenther, R. L.; Hausknecht, D. F. et al.
June 30, 1963
Primary view of Location of Orbital Axis in Table-Top Stellarator
Spitzer, Lyman, Jr.
June 9, 1952
Primary view of Flora of Healthy Dogs: [Part] 2. Isolation of Enteroviruses from Lower Intestines
Clapper, W. E. & Pindak, F. F.
June 1963
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