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Primary view of Materials Testing Reactor Project Handbook
Argonne National Laboratory
May 7, 1951
Primary view of Preliminary Appraisal of the Carnotite Resources of the Carrizo Mountains Area, San Juan County, New Mexico, and Apache County, Arizona
Strobell, J. D., Jr.
May 1952
Primary view of Distribution of Thermal Neutrons from Fast Sources in Exponential Piles
Anselone, Philip M.
May 27, 1954
Primary view of Electroplated Metals on Uranium for Aluminum Cladding
Beach, John G.; Schickner, William C.; Hopkinson, Dolores. & Faust, Charles L.
May 4, 1955
Primary view of Design and Feasibility Study of a Pebble Bed Reactor-Steam Power Plant
unknown creator
May 1, 1958
Primary view of Li⁶ and Li⁷ (n. 2n) Cross Sections at 14.1 Mev
Ashby, V. J.; Catron, H. C.; Newkirk, Lester L.; Taylor, C. J. & Williamson, M. A.
May 29, 1958
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Monthly Progress Report: April 1959
Aerojet-General Corporation
May 25, 1959
Primary view of Maritime Organic Moderated and Cooled Reactor
unknown creator
May 27, 1959
Primary view of Strontium Program: Quarterly Summary Report, May 29, 1959
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
May 29, 1959
Primary view of OMR Degasifier Loop Experiment
Corporales, G. W. & Benson, P. R.
May 1, 1960
Primary view of OMRE Fuel Plate Surface Temperature Measurement
Sudar, S.
May 1, 1960
Primary view of Piqua Prototype Handling System
Nadler, H.
May 1960
Primary view of Plutonium: Enriched OMR Cores
Connolly, T. J.
May 1, 1960
Primary view of Thermal Cycling and Leakage Tests of 12-inch Valves for Sodium Service
Baroczy, C. J.
May 1, 1960
Primary view of Thorium Uranium Physics Experiments: Final Report
Snidow, N. L.; Anderson, R. C.; Batch, M. L.; deCoulon, G. A. G.; Lewis, R. H. & Vannoy, W. M.
May 1960
Primary view of The ML-1 Design Report
Linenberger, G. A.
May 16, 1960
Primary view of Investigations of Neutron Penetration in TiH and Steel Slabs
Karcher, R. H.
May 15, 1961
Primary view of Reactor Containment Design Study
Johnson, R. A. & Nelson, I.
May 18, 1961
Primary view of Research and Development Studies on Waste Storage Process
Ortner, M. H.; Anderson, C. J. & Campbell, P. F.
May 19, 1961
Primary view of Thermonuclear Division Semiannual Progress Report, January 31, 1961
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
May 31, 1961
Primary view of A Computer Program for Determining First-Collision Neutron Doses
McMurray, C. S.
May 21, 1962
Primary view of U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Idaho Operations Office Health and Safety Division Annual Report: 1961
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Idaho Operations Office.
May 21, 1962
Primary view of Corrosion Studies in Simulated N-Reactor Secondary System Water Environment
Larrick, A. P.
May 1963
Primary view of Gas-Metal Reactions with Iron- and Nickel-Base Heat Resistant Alloys: An Interpretive Literature Survey
Jones, D. A.
May 1963
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