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Primary view of Feasibility Study, Optimum Natural Uranium, Gas Cooled, Graphite Moderated Nuclear Power Plant for United States Atomic Energy Commission, Idaho Operations Office
ACF Industries Incorporated. Nuclear Products - ERCO Division.
April 1, 1958
Primary view of Optical Mapping of Oak Ridge Research Reactor Experiment Tubes
Abbatiello, A. A.
April 1965
Primary view of Reactor Development Program Progress Report: March 1963
Adams, R. M. & Glassner, A.
April 15, 1963
Primary view of Corrosion of Zircaloy in Crevices under Nucleate Boiling Conditions
Anderson, W. Kermit & McGoff, M. J.
April 1962
Primary view of Fast Flux Test Facility Studies Progress Report: April 1965
Astley, E. R.
April 1965
Primary view of Increasing Thermocouple Reliability for in-Pile Experiments
Babbe, E. L.
April 20, 1965
Primary view of The Design Study of Fluid Engine Power Systems
Baker, C. H.; Hunter, T. A.; Pauliukonis, R. S. & Pradhan, A. V.
April 12, 1963
Primary view of The FAIM Code: a Multigroup, One-Dimensional Diffusion Equation Code
Baller, D. C.
April 15, 1962
Primary view of Mechanical Properties of Zircaloy-2 Weld Metal
Beitscher, S.
April 15, 1961
Primary view of Transportability Studies : ML-1 Nuclear Power Plant
Blakley, J. W.; Alcorn, J. S.; Del Valle, L. G.; Healy, P. W.; Moran, D. H. & Scott, W. S.
April 1960
Primary view of QUICKIE: A Computer Program for Spatially Independent Multigroup Slowing-Down and Thermalization Calculations
Boling, M. & Rhoades, W.
April 15, 1964
Primary view of An Evaluation of Four Processes for Recovering Uranium from Zirconium Fuels at the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant
Burn, P.
April 27, 1962
Primary view of Metallurgy Research Operation: Quarterly Progress Report, January - March 1965
Cadwell, J. J.; Bierlein, T. K.; Bement, A. L.; Dillon, R. L. & Wheeler, R. G.
April 15, 1965
Primary view of ABWR Design and Development Quarterly Progress Report, January 1 Through March 31, 1962
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
April 15, 1962
Primary view of Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications: Part 1. Cost Analysis and Future Development
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
April 1962
Primary view of SRE Mark II Fuel Handling Machine
Dietz, H. B.
April 20, 1965
Primary view of Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Costs and Temperature Coefficients of Reactivity for PuO2-SS and PuO2-UO2
Edwards, J. J.; Fischer, E. A.; Jens, W. H.; Nims, J. B.; Palmer, R. G.; Shoudy, A. A. et al.
April 25, 1963
Primary view of Ionium Recovery Plant Design Report: Topical Report
Edwards, R. M.; Fariss, R. H. & Werkema, R. G.
April 15, 1959
Primary view of Pacific Northwest Laboratory Monthly Activities Report, Division of Biology and Medicine Programs: March 1967
Fawcett, S. L.
April 1, 1967
Primary view of Metallurgy Division Quarterly Progress Report: Period Ending October 31, 1951
Frye, John H., Jr., 1908-2001 & Bridges, W. H.
April 21, 1952
Primary view of Critical Path Scheduling in Maintenance
Gritzner, C. L.; Jones, J. P. & Ellis, J. M.
April 10, 1961
Primary view of A Versatile Spectrometer Magnet Power Supply
Groppe, W. A.
April 15, 1963
Primary view of Steam Cooled Power Reactor Evaluation - Beloyarsk (Ural) Reactor
Hanford Works
April 1961
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: December 1, 1959 - March 1, 1960
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
April 1, 1960
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