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Primary view of Interim report on exploration of the Jo Dandy area, Montrose County, Colorado
Vogel, J. D.
March 1953
Primary view of Doppler and related measurements in a soft fast-reactor spectrum
Springer, T. H.; Tuttle, R. J.; Otter, J. M. & Pachall, R. K.
March 24, 1969
Primary view of Hazards Summary Report for the SM-1 Core Temperature and Flow Instrumentation: Task XIV
Coombe, J. R.; Brondel, J. O.; Lee, D. H. & Matthews, F. T.
March 30, 1961
Primary view of Fast Neutron Flux Measurements and Analysis in SM-1 and PM-2A Core and Vessel Mockups
Sontheimer, K. C.; Kemp, S. N.; Lois, L.; Clancy, E. F. & McCool, W. J.
March 31, 1962
Primary view of PM-2A Core II Zero Power Experiment
Walthousen, L. D.; Mageean, J. V.; Raby, T. M. & Lee, D. H.
March 30, 1962
Primary view of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report: Period Ending December 10, 1951
Briant, R. C. & Cottrell, W. B.
March 6, 1952
Primary view of Summary Report of Analysis of Physics Measurements Performed on SM-1 Core I
Lois, L.; Paluszkiewicz, S.; Fried, B. E. & Beam, R. H.
March 30, 1962
Primary view of Reactor Shielding Design Manual
Rockwell, Theodore, III
March 1956
Primary view of Evaluation of Zirconium Hydride as Moderator in Integral, Boiling Water-Superheat Reactors
Gylfe, J. D.; Rood, H.; Greenleaf, J.; Balkwill, K.; Prem, L. & Goldfisher, L.
March 1, 1962
Primary view of Extrusion Cladding of Fuel Element
Slunder, C. J.; Fiorentino, R. J. & Hall, A. M.
March 22, 1955
Primary view of Transient Temperature Variations During the Self-Heating of a Plasma by Thermonuclear Reactions
Greyber, Howard D.
March 21, 1955
Primary view of Magnetic Acceleration of a Plasma by a Rail Source
Bostick, Winston H.
March 18, 1955
Primary view of Initial Measurements on the Angular Distribution of Deuterium Plasma Produced by a Pulsed Spark Source
Bostick, W. H.
March 24, 1955
Primary view of An Ultrasonic System for Testing Isotope Heat Capsules
Dozer, B. E.
March 1968
Primary view of A Nuclear Reactor System for Generating Power and Supplying Steam to a Water Desalination Plant in the Florida Keys
Burns and Roe
March 1964
Primary view of Final Report: Investigation of Boiling Flow Regimes and Critical Heat Flux
Suo, M.; Bergles, Arthur E.; Doyle, Edward F.; Clawson, L. & Goldberg, P.
March 1, 1965
Primary view of An Experimental Gamma Irradiator for Hospital Sterilization
Frankfort, J. Harry; Haram, S. & Wallach, S.
March 7, 1960
Primary view of Development of High-Temperature Electrical Ground Test Heaters for the SNAP 10A Program
Blevitt, R.; Paine, G. & Sudar, S.
March 1, 1965
Primary view of KEWB Program Quarterly Progress Report: July-September 1956
North American Aviation. Atomics International Division. Kinetic Experiments on Water Boilers Program.
March 1, 1957
Primary view of Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment Progress Report: October 1955-July 1956
Trilling, C. A.
March 15, 1957
Primary view of Hallam Nuclear Power Facility, Reactor Operations Analysis Program: Semiannual Progress Report Number 2, March-August 1963
Darley, D. K.
March 1, 1964
Primary view of Reactor Safety Quarterly Progress Report: May-July 1956
Miller, N. C.
March 15, 1957
Primary view of Multi-Channel Boiling Stability for Sodium Graphite Reactors
Cappel, H. H.
March 1, 1962
Primary view of The Effects of Irradiation Cycling on Pressurized Water Reactor Blanket Fuel Elements
Eichenberg, John D.
March 13, 1957
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