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Primary view of An Apparatus for Measuring the Relative Wear of Sole Leathers, and the Results Obtained with Leather from Different Parts of a Hide
Hart, R. W. & Bowker, R. C.
November 22, 1919
Primary view of Tensile Elastic Properties of 18:8 Chromium-Nickel Steel as Affected by Plastic Deformation
McAdam, D. J., Jr. & Mebs, R. W.
November 22, 1938
Primary view of Altitude-Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Westinghouse 19B-2 19B-8, and 19XB-1 Jet-Propulsion Engines, Part 1, Operational Characteristics
Fleming, William A.
November 22, 1948
Primary view of An Evaluation of Air-Borne Radar as a Means of Avoiding Atmospheric Turbulence
Steiner, Roy
November 22, 1948
Primary view of A Method for Calculating Flow Fields of Cowlings with Known Surface-Pressure Distributions
Boswinkle, Robert W., Jr.
November 22, 1948
Primary view of The Method of Characteristics for the Determination of Supersonic Flow Over Bodies of Revolution at Small Angles of Attack
Ferri, Antonio
November 22, 1948
Primary view of Altitude-wind-tunnel investigation of compressor performance on J47 turbojet engine
Prince, William R. & Jansen, Emmert T.
November 22, 1949
Primary view of High-speed aerodynamic characteristics of a lateral-control model 3: section characteristics, fence studies, and tabulated pressure coefficients with modified NACA 0012-64 section, 26.6-percent-chord, plain aileron, 0 and 45 degree sweepback
Krumm, Walter J. & Cleary, Joseph W.
November 22, 1950
Primary view of The Use of Area Suction for the Purpose of Delaying Separation of Air Flow at the Leading Edge of a 63 Degree Swept-Back Wing
Cook, Woodrow L.; Griffin, Roy N., Jr. & McCormack, Gerald M.
November 22, 1950
Primary view of Axially Symmetric Shapes With Minimum Wave Drag
Heaslet, Max A. & Fuller, Franklyn B.
November 22, 1954
Primary view of Determination of Trivalent Uranium with Methylene Blue
Ross, W. J.; Meyer, A. S.; White, J. C.; Kelley, N. T. & Susano, C. D.
November 22, 1955
Primary view of Purification of Mercury Metal
Koyama, Karl
November 22, 1955
Primary view of Observations on the Response of Two P-NJunction Diodes to Protons
Benveniste, J.; Booth, R. & Mitchell, A. C.
November 22, 1960
Primary view of A Study of the Mechanism of Radiation Induced Gelation in Monomer-Polymer Mixtures
unknown creator
November 22, 1960
Primary view of Physical Properties of Volcanic Rocks, Rainier Mesa and Vicinity, Nevada Test Site
Emerick, W. L.
November 22, 1966
Primary view of Summary of Airborne Radiometric Surveying in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana
Brooke, Gerald L.
November 22, 1971
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