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Primary view of Facet Model and Mathematical Morphology for Surface Characterization
Abidi, B.R.; Goddard, J.S.; Hunt, M.A. & Sari-Sarraf, H.
November 13, 1999
Primary view of Development of residential-conservation-survey methodology for the US Air Force. Interim report. Task two
Abrams, D. W.; Hartman, T. L. & Lau, A. S.
November 13, 1981
Adams, T & Paul Korinko, P
November 13, 2007
Primary view of Army Gas-Cooled Reactor Systems Program Quarterly Progress Report: July 1 - September 30, 1964
Aerojet-General Corporation
November 13, 1964
Primary view of New Neutron Rich Nuclei Near {sup 208}Pb
Aeystoe, J.; Andreyev, A.; Evensen, A.-H.; Hoff, P.; Huhta, M.; Huyse, M. et al.
November 13, 1998
Primary view of Proton Radioactivity Measurements at HRIBF: Ho, Lu, and Tm Isotopes
Akovali, Y.; Batchelder, J. C.; Bingham, C. R.; Davinson, T.; Ginter, T. N.; Gross, C. J. et al.
November 13, 1998
Primary view of Anthropogenic Ozone Depletion: Status and Human Health Implications, USGCRP Seminar, 13 November 1995.
Albritton, Daniel & Kripke, Margaret
November 13, 1995
Primary view of Ensemble: 1992-11-13 - All-Campus String Orchestra
All-Campus String Orchestra
November 13, 1992
Primary view of Dynamic Strain on Thin Diaphragms of a Mercury Target During 800-MeV Proton Thermal Shock Tests
Allison, S. W.; Andriulli, J. B.; Cates, M. R.; Earl, D. D.; Haines, J. R.; Morrissey, F. X. et al.
November 13, 1999
Primary view of Using Machine Learning to Predict Genes Underlying Differentiation of Multipartite and Unipartite Traits in Bacteria
Almalki, Fatemah; Sunuwar, Janak & Azad, Rajeev K.
November 13, 2023
Primary view of Doctoral Recital: 2017-11-13 – Maria Gabriela Alvarado, flutes
Alvarado, Maria Gabriela
November 13, 2017
Primary view of Developing and Extending a Cyberinfrastructure Model
Alvarez, Rosio
November 13, 2007
Primary view of An Investigation at Low Speed of a Large-Scale Triangular Wing of Aspect Ratio Two 1: Characteristics of a Wing Having a Double-Wedge Airfoil Section With Maximum Thickness at 20-Percent Chord
Anderson, Adrien E.
November 13, 1947
Primary view of New Pellet Injection Schemes on DIII-D
Anderson, P. M.; Baylor, L. R.; Combs, S. K.; Foust, C. R.; Jernigan, T. C. & Robinson, J. I.
November 13, 1999
Primary view of Helicon Plasma Source Configuration Analysis by Means of Density Measurements
Angrilli, F.; Barber, G. C.; Carter, M. D.; Goulding, R. H.; Maggiora, R.; Pavarin, D. et al.
November 13, 1999
Primary view of Catalyst and process development for synthesis gas conversion to isobutylene. Quarterly report, July 1, 1992--September 30, 1992
Anthony, R. G. & Akgerman, A.
November 13, 1992
Primary view of Low Precious Metal Alloy Catalysts and Durable carbon Support
Atanassova, Paolina; Sun, Yipeng; Rice, Gordon; Brewster, James; Xie, Jian; Kyrlidis, Angelos et al.
November 13, 2006
Primary view of Measurement of the Branching Fraction and Polarization for the Decay B- ---> D*0K*-
Aubert, B; Wright, D & Collaboration, T B
November 13, 2003
Primary view of Diagnosing Plasma Gradients Using Spectral Line Shapes
Back, C. A.; Golovkin, I.; Mancini, R.; Missalla, T.; Landen, O. L.; Lee, R. W. et al.
November 13, 2000
Primary view of TART calculations using the new 2021 energy group cross section library compared with B. Czirr's resonance self-shielding experiments
Bacon, L.
November 13, 1973
Primary view of High yield ICF target design for a Z-pinch driven hohlraum
Bailey, D. S.; Hammer, J. H.; Lindl, J. D.; Rambo, P. W.; Tabak, M.; Toor, A. et al.
November 13, 1998
Primary view of Community Webs: Empowering Public Librarians to Create Community History Web Archives
Bailey, Jefferson
November 13, 2018
Primary view of Doctoral Recital: 2017-11-13 – Megan Bailey, trumpet
Bailey, Megan
November 13, 2017
Primary view of Probabilistic Risk Assessment: Number 219
Bari, R. A.
November 13, 1985
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