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Primary view of 6.70 EV Resonance in U²³⁸
Levin, Jules S.
November 9, 1953
Primary view of 300-KV Pulser Transformer and Pulser.
Heller, R. E.
November 1951
Primary view of The 1350 F stress-rupture properties of two wrought alloys and three cast alloys
Reynolds, E. E.; Freeman, J. W. & White, A. E.
November 1947
Primary view of 1A Reactor Inlet Hydraulic Valve Position Detector Temperature. Section I. Core I, Seed 1. Test Results DL-S-258-S, RNI-3
unknown creator
November 20, 1959
Primary view of The A.N.E.C. IV "Missel Thrush" light airplane
United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
November 1926
Primary view of The Aachen Wind-Tunnel Balance
Wieselsberger, C.
November 1934
Primary view of Ability of Pilots to Control Simulated Short-Period Yawing Oscillations
Phillips, William H. & Cheatham, Donald C.
November 13, 1950
Primary view of Abnormal grain growth in M-252 and S-816 alloys
Decker, R. F.; Rush, A. I.; Dano, A. G. & Freeman, J. W.
November 1957
Primary view of Abundance and Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in Zircon, Sphene, Apatite, Epidote, and Monazite in Granitic Rocks
Hurley, P. M. & Fairbairn, H. W.
November 1956
Primary view of Accelerated Laboratory Test for Determination of Slacking Characteristics of Coal
Fieldner, Arno Carl; Selvig, W. A. & Frederic, W. H.
November 1930
Primary view of Accelerations and bottom pressures measured on a B-24D airplane in a ditching test
Steiner, Margaret F.
November 1944
Primary view of Accelerations in fighter-airplane crashes
Acker, Loren W.; Black, Dugald O. & Moser, Jacob C.
November 4, 1957
Primary view of Accident Experience and Cost of Accidents in Washington Coal Mines
Ash, S. H.
November 1931
Primary view of The Accumulation of Radioactivity as Shown by a Limnological Study of the Columbia River in the Vicinity of Hanford Works : Preliminary Report
Coopey, R. W.
November 12, 1948
Primary view of Accurate and Efficient Testing of the Exponential and Logarithm Functions in Ada
Tang, Ping Tak Peter
November 1988
Primary view of Acid-Base Reactions and Kinetics of the Halates in Fused Nitrates
Schlegel, James Max & Duke, P. R.
November 1962
Primary view of Acoustic analysis of ram-jet buzz
Mirels, Harold
November 1955
Primary view of The Activity Coefficient of Plutonium(IV) Salts in Acidic Solutions
Connick, R. E. & Reas, W. H.
November 1948
Primary view of Additional free-flight tests of the rolling effectiveness of several wing-spoiler arrangements at high subsonic, transonic, and supersonic speeds
Strass, H. Kurt
November 24, 1948
Primary view of Additional Studies of the Stability and Controllability of an Unswept-Wing Vertically Rising Airplane Model in Hovering Flight Including Studies of Various Tethered Landing Techniques
Bates, William R.; Lovell, Powell M., Jr. & Smith, Charles C., Jr.
November 6, 1951
Primary view of Adjustment of Stick Force by a Nonlinear Aileron-Stick Linkage
Lowry, John G.
November 1942
Primary view of Advanced Designs and Special Applications for Fast Breeders
Hammond, R. Philip
November 11, 1963
Primary view of Advanced Designs of Magnetic Jack-Type Control Rod Drive
Young, Joseph N.
November 1959
Primary view of Advanced Fuel Cell Development Progress Report: April-June 1979
Pierce, R. D.; Finn, P. A.; Kinoshita, K.; Kucera, G. H.; Poeppel, R. B.; Singh, R. N. et al.
November 1979
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