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Primary view of Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns: Section 10. Data for 84 Substances
Swanson, Howard E.; McMurdie, Howard F.; Morris, Marlene C.; Evans, Eloise H. & Paretzkin, Boris
November 1972
Primary view of The Mechanics of Pneumatic Tires
Clark, Samuel K.
November 1971
Primary view of An Experimental Study of Phase Variations in Line-of-Sight Microwave Transmissions
Norton, K. A.; Herbstreit, J. W.; Janes, H. B.; Hornberg, K. O.; Peterson, C. F.; Barghausen, A. F. et al.
November 1, 1961
Primary view of Effect of Mortar Properties on Strength of Masonry
Fishburn, Cyrus C.
November 20, 1961
Primary view of Bibliography and Index on Vacuum and Low Pressure Measurement
Brombacher, W. G.
November 10, 1961
Primary view of Sound Insulation of Wall, Floor, and Door Constructions
Berendt, Raymond D. & Winzer, George E.
November 30, 1964
Primary view of Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel
Digges, Thomas G.; Rosenberg, Samuel J. & Geil, Glenn W.
November 1, 1966
Primary view of Determination of Energy Distribution of X-Ray Beams From a 250 KV Constant Potential Machine
Shambon, Arthur
November 1964
Primary view of Strontium Program: Quarterly Summary Report, November 19, 1958
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Klein, Stanley
November 19, 1958
Primary view of Investigation of the Exploding Wire Process as a Source for High Temperature Studies
Cassidy, Esther C.; Abramowitz, Stanley & Beckett, Charles W.
November 1968
Primary view of Climatic Charts and Data of the Radio Refractive Index for the United States and the World
Bean, B. R.; Horn, J. D. & Ozanich, A. M., Jr.
November 25, 1960
Primary view of Amplitude-Probability Distributions for Atmospheric Radio Noise
Crichlow, W. Q.; Spaulding, A. D.; Roubique, C. J. & Disney, R. T.
November 4, 1960
Primary view of Further Investigations of Natural Environmental Radiation
Solon, Leonard R.; Lowder, Wayne M.; Shambon, Arthur & Blatz, Hanson
November 3, 1959
Primary view of Nuclear Safety in Manufacturing Plants
McLaughlin, James E.
November 3, 1959
Primary view of Camden-Delaware Valley Area (ARMS-II)
Guillou, R. B.
November 10, 1961
Primary view of Flora of Healthy Dogs: [Part] 3. Incidence and Distribution of Spirochetes in the Digestive Tract of Dogs
Pindak, F. F.; Clapper, W. E. & Sherrod, J. H.
November 1964
Primary view of Hazard Summary Report on the Argonne Low Power Reactor (ALPR)
Argonne National Laboratory. Reactor Engineering Division.
November 1958
Primary view of Advanced Designs of Magnetic Jack-Type Control Rod Drive
Young, Joseph N.
November 1959
Primary view of A Process for the Recovery of Uranium From Nuclear Fuel Elements Using Fluid-Bed Drying and Volatility Techniques
Levitz, N.; Barghusen, J.; Carls, E. & Jonke, A. A.
November 1961
Primary view of Status Report on the Argonne Advanced Research Reactor
Lennox, D. H.; Barts, E. W.; Batch, R. V.; Beyer, F. C.; Jorgensen, G. L.; Kelber, C. N. et al.
November 1961
Primary view of Gas-Cooled Reactors in the USA: A Survey and Recommendation
Armstrong, R. H.
November 1960
Primary view of Proceedings of the AMU-ANL Summer Study Program
Pearson, C. V.
November 1962
Primary view of A Method of Calculating Transient Temperatures in a Multiregion, Axisymmetric, Cylindrical Configuration the Argus Program, 1089/Re248, Written in Fortran II
Schoeberle, D. F.; Heestand, J.; Miller, L. B. & Miller, L. B.
November 1963
Primary view of Spectroscopy of Uranyl Salts in the Solid State
Rabinowitch, Eugene
November 1953
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