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Primary view of $D^0 \bar{D}^0$ Mixing at BaBar
Coleman, Jonathon
October 26, 2011
Primary view of 1-2 GeV synchrotron radiation facility at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Berkner, K.H.
October 1, 1985
Primary view of 1,4-diphenylbutadiyne as a potential tritium getter
Miller, H. H.; Bissell, E. E.; Tsugawa, R. T. & Souers, P. C.
October 1, 1980
Primary view of A 1.5 Mwe Thermionic Reactor Space Power System
Smith, C. K. & Parkinson, R. Y.
October 31, 1966
Primary view of Site system engineering implementation Fiscal Year 1998 multi-year work plan
Ferguson, J. E.
October 3, 1997
Primary view of 1/12-Scale mixing interface visualization and buoyant particle release tests in support of Tank 241-SY-101 hydrogen mitigation
Eschbach, E. J. & Enderlin, C. W.
October 1, 1993
Primary view of 1/12-Scale scoping experiments to characterize double-shell tank slurry uniformity: Test plan
Bamberger, J. A. & Liljegren, L. M.
October 1994
Primary view of 1. Mono((8)annulene)Uranium(4) half-sandwich complexes, 2. Novel syntheses of symmetrically substituted cyclooctatetetraenes
Boussie, T. R.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of 1. Mono([8]annulene)Uranium(4) half-sandwich complexes, 2. Novel syntheses of symmetrically substituted cyclooctatetetraenes
Boussie, T. R.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of 2.0 K CEBAF Cryogenics
Arenius, Dana; Chronis, William; Kashy, David; Keesee, Marie & Rode, Claus
October 1, 1988
Primary view of 2 + 1 dimensional quantum gravity and the braid group
Carlip, S.
October 1, 1989
Primary view of The 2.6 Angstrom resolution structure of Rhodobacter capsulatus bacterioferritin with metal-free dinuclear site and heme iron in a crystallographic 'special position'
Cobessi, D.; Huang, L.-S.; Ban, M.; Pon, N. G.; Daldal, F. & Berry, E. A.
October 31, 2001
Primary view of 2-D emittance equation with acceleration and compression
Hahn, K. D. & Smith, L.
October 1, 1988
Primary view of A 2-GHz Rectangular Corrugated Horn
Bersanelli, M.; Bensadoun, M.; De Amici, Giovanni; Limon, M.; Smoot, George F.; Tanaka, S. et al.
October 1, 1991
Primary view of 2-pi Photoproduction from CLAS and CB-ELSA - The Search for Missing Resonances
Thoma, Ulrike
October 1, 2003
Primary view of 2 x 2 TeV mu(superscript +) mu (superscript) collider
Mokhov, N. V. & Noble, R. J.
October 1, 1996
Primary view of 3-D Micro-Scale Machining Implementation
Boucher, Christopher L.
October 20, 2008
Primary view of 3-D Microprobe Metrology
Swallow, Kevin
October 14, 2008
Primary view of 3-D numerical analysis of a high-gain free-electron laser
Gallardo, J.C.
October 19, 1988
Primary view of 3-D numerical investigation of the mantle dynamics associated with the breakup of Pangea
Baumgardner, J. R.
October 1, 1992
Primary view of 3-D object reconstruction emission and transmission tomography with limited angular input
Tam, K. C.; Perez-Mendez, V. & Macdonald, B.
October 1978
Primary view of 3-D research transport codes at Los Alamos
Morel, J. E.; McGhee, J. M. & Walters, W. F.
October 1, 1994
Primary view of 3-D Target Location from Stereoscopic SAR Images
Doerry, Armin W.
October 1, 1999
Primary view of 3-D Thermal Evaluations for a Fueled Experiment in the Advanced Test Reactor
Ambrosek, Richard G.; Chang, Gray S. & Utterbeck, Debby J.
October 6, 2004
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