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Primary view of The Neutron Sensitive PCP Ionization Chamber
Abele, R. K. & Gundlach, J.
September 4, 1951
Primary view of Piston-Liner Crevice Geometry Effect on HCCI Combustion by Multi-Zone Analysis
Aceves, S. M.; Flowers, D. L.; Espinosa-Loza, F.; Martinez-Frias, J.; Dibble, R. W.; Christensen, M. et al.
September 4, 2002
Primary view of Prayer and Religion in the Public Schools: What Is, and Is Not, Permitted
Ackerman, David M.
September 4, 1980
Primary view of Sweeping of Fission Gases from Solutions of U and Plutonium
Adams, R. M. & Finkelstein, H.
September 4, 1945
Primary view of Luxury Town, U.S.A.: High-End Brands Expand, And Austin Gets a Makeover --- New Wealth, Galas Draw Tiffany, Louis Vuitton; Nieman's Black Tie Plan
Agins, Teri
September 4, 2007
Primary view of RF Gas Plasma Source Development for Heavy Ion Fusion
Ahle, L.; Hall, R. P.; Molvik, A. W.; Kwan, J. W. & Leung, K. N.
September 4, 2001
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Correlation Between Shale Gas Development and Ozone Pollution within the Barnett Shale Region
Ahmadi, Mahdi & John, Kuruvilla
September 4, 2014
Primary view of A Novel Neutron Imaging Calibration System Using a Neutron Generating Accelerator Tube
Ali, Z., Davis, B., Tinsley, J. R., Miller, E. K.
September 4, 2009
Primary view of Performance Characteristics at Mach Numbers to 2.0 of Various Types of Side Inlets Mounted on Fuselage of Proposed Supersonic Airplane 2: Inlets Utilizing Half of a Conical Spike
Allen, J. L. & Simon, P. C.
September 4, 1952
Primary view of VTI: VME/CIPRICO Interface routines
Alleva, D.
September 4, 1987
Primary view of EM field and instrumentation diagnostics in support of the LFT&E HPM methodology testing
Anderson, R. A. & Nelson, S. D.
September 4, 1997
Primary view of The European Union: Questions and Answers
Archick, Kristin
September 4, 2015
Primary view of U.S.-EU Cooperation Against Terrorism
Archick, Kristin
September 4, 2013
Primary view of Europe's Migration and Refugee Crisis
Archick, Kristin & Margesson, Rhoda
September 4, 2015
Primary view of The role of oxygen at screw dislocations in GaN
Arslan, Ilke & Browning, Nigel D.
September 4, 2003
Primary view of Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Facilities Newsletter, August 2001.
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (U.S.)
September 4, 2001
Primary view of Development of Ribbed Jacket Tubing for PTRT
Aungst, R. C.
September 4, 1959
Primary view of Verification and validation of the decision analysis model for assessment of tank waste remediation system waste treatment strategies
Awadalla, N.G. & Eaton, S.C.F.
September 4, 1996
Primary view of Longitudinal Stability and Control of High-Speed Airplanes With Particular Reference to Dive Recovery
Axelson, John A.
September 4, 1947
Primary view of Advances in fabrication of Ag-clad Bi-2223 superconductors.
Balachandran, U.
September 4, 1998
Primary view of Validation of a Non-Targeted LC-MS Approach for Identifying Ancient Proteins: Method Development on Bone to Improve Artifact Residue Analysis
Barker, Andrew; Dombrosky, Jonathan; Chaput, Dale; Venables, Barney J.; Wolverton, Steven J. & Stevens, Stanley M.
September 4, 2015
Primary view of Development of a Robust Model-Based Water Level Controller for U-Tube Steam Generator
Basher, A. M. H.
September 4, 2001
Primary view of Macroscopic Properties of a One-Dimensional Plasma Confined by a Magnetic Field
Batten, Hugh W. & Woods, Cornelius H.
September 4, 1956
Primary view of Food Safety: Selected Issues and Bills in the 110th Congress
Becker, GeoffreyS.
September 4, 2007
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