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Primary view of Division of Reactor Development Programs Monthly Report- July 1959
McEwen, L.H.
August 17, 1959
Primary view of Plant Modification for Reprocessing Non-Production Reactor Fuels Design Criteria for Fuel Element Storage Facility Building 221-U
Yates, M. E.
August 17, 1959
Primary view of Quarterly Report - October, November, December 1958 Plutonium Fuels Development Plutonium Metallurgy Operation
Wick, O.J.
August 17, 1959
Primary view of Sheet Metal Can Furnace
Doyle, Richard C. & Phillips, Will D.
August 17, 1961
Primary view of Fabricating Liquid-Hydrogen Targets From Mylar
Mehr, David L.
August 17, 1961
Primary view of Close-Capture Adsorption System For Remote Radioisotope Chemistry
Spencer, Neil C.; Parsons, Thomas C. & Howe, Patrick W.
August 17, 1961
Primary view of Warping Instability in Long Rods
Young, Gale Jay
August 17, 1944
Primary view of The Thermal Expansion of Five Titanium Carbide Cermets from 68 to 1800F
Harrington, L. C. & Rowe, G. H.
August 17, 1962
Primary view of Monitoring Thermal and Resonance Neutron Flux
Heineman, R. E.
August 17, 1953
Primary view of Process Monitor, Mark 10, Model 20
Jesse, William P.
August 17, 1946
Primary view of Deposit Summary
unknown creator
August 17, 2009
Primary view of Maximum acceptable temperatures of wastes and containers during retrievable geologic storage
Jenks, G. H.
August 17, 1977
Primary view of Improved beam current densities at high voltages
Fink, J. H.
August 17, 1976
Primary view of High temperature thermodynamics and vaporization of stoichiometric titanium monoxide
Sheldon, R. I. & Gilles, P. W.
August 17, 1976
Primary view of July 2004 Working Group Meeting on Heavy Vehicle Aerodynamic Drag: Presentation, Summary of Comments, and Conclusions
McCallen, R.; Salari, K.; Ortega, J.; Castellucci, P.; Eastwood, C.; DeChant, L. et al.
August 17, 2004
Primary view of Some Kinetic Considerations of Defect Clustering
Damask, A. C.
August 17, 1966
Primary view of PFP Harrington lever hoists
Morley, J. M.
August 17, 1994
Primary view of Reactor effluent water analytical data, January--June 1970
Larrick, A. P.
August 17, 1970
Primary view of Innovative Clean Coal Technology (ICCT): 180 MW demonstration of advanced tangentially-fired combustion techniques for the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NO{sub x}) emissions from coal-fired boilers. Topical report, LNCFS Levels 1 and 3 test results
unknown creator
August 17, 1993
Primary view of PFP budgit hand chain hoists
Morley, J. M.
August 17, 1994
Primary view of Characterization of multiphase fluid flow during air-sparged hydrocyclone flotation by x-ray CT. Eighth quarterly report, 14 May 1992--13 August 1992
Miller, J. D.
August 17, 1992
Primary view of Fabrication of scintillator ``multitiles`` for the LBL SDC ECEM ``4 {times} 4`` test module
Hoff, M. D.
August 17, 1993
Primary view of Initial operating conditions for KW Reactor
Warren, J. H.
August 17, 1954
Primary view of Development of measurement capabilities for the thermophysical properties of energy-related fluids. Annual report, December 1, 1993--November 30, 1994
unknown creator
August 17, 1993
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