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Primary view of Analytical Chemistry Division Semiannual Progress Report for Period Ending April 20, 1954
Kelley, M. T.; Susano, C. D. & Raaen, H. P.
July 5, 1956
Primary view of Fabrication of Heat Exchangers and Radiators for High Temperature Reactor Applications
Patriarca, P; Slaughter, G. M.; Manly, W. D.; Heestand, R. L.; Clausing, R. K.; Conner, O. K. et al.
July 5, 1955
Primary view of Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project Quarterly Progress Report For Period Ending June 10, 1955
Jordan, W. H.; Cromer, S. J.; Strough, R. I.; Miller, A. J. & Savolainen, A. W.
July 28, 1955
Primary view of Homogenous Reactor Project Quarterly Progress Report For Period Ending April 30, 1955
McDuffie, H. F. & Kelly, D. C.
July 14, 1955
Primary view of Diffusion of Ions in a Plasma Across a Magnetic Field
Simon, Albert & Neidign, Rodger V.
July 1955
Primary view of Determination of Plutonium and Uranium in Scrup Dissolver Solutions
Foster, R. W.; Cooper, J. H. & Raaen, H. P.
July 14, 1955
Primary view of Solid State Division Semiannual Progress Report For Period Ending February 28, 1955
Billington, D. S. & Crawford, J. H., Jr.
July 12, 1960
Primary view of Chemical Reactions In Crossed Molecular Beams
Herschbach, Dudley R.
July 1961
Primary view of Semiempirical Correlation Of B<sup>+ Annihilation Rates In Metals
McHugh, James A.
July 1961
Primary view of On Charge Conjugation
Case, Kenneth M.
July 19, 1961
Primary view of Scattering In The K=O Band Of Odd-Odd Deformed Nuclei
Newby, Neal D., Jr.
July 1961
Primary view of The Nuclear Spin Of Neodymium-141
Alpert, Seymour S.; Budick, Burton; Lipworth, Edgar & Marrus, Richard
July 3, 1961
Primary view of Use Of Pyroelectric Devices For Measuring Small Temperature Changes
Lang, Sidney B.
July 1960
Primary view of Current-Switching Circuitry
Salvador, Jack Gilbert & Pederson, D. O.
July 17, 1961
Primary view of II. K+ Charge Exchange - Production Of Ko Mesone By Charge Exchange Of K+ In Propane
Whitehead, Marian N.; Lanou, Robert E., Jr.; Birge, Robert W.; Powell, Wilson M. & Fowler, William B.
July 29, 1959
Primary view of 1. K+ Charge Exchange - Search For K+ Charge Exchange
Birge, Robert W.; Courant, Hans J.; Lanou, Robert E., Jr. & Whitehead, Marian N.
July 29, 1959
Primary view of Single Particle Excitation Theory Of The Photonuclear Giant Resonance
Buskirk, F.
July 30, 1963
Primary view of Chemical Engineering Division Summary Report for January, February, and March 1957
Lawroski, Stephen; Rodger, W. A.; Vogel, R. C. & Munnecke, V. H.
July 1957
Primary view of Reactor Engineering Division Quarterly Report Section I January, February, March. 1956
Members of the Reactor Engineering Division
July 1956
Primary view of Buckling of an Elliptic Cylinder First Roots of the Zero Order, Modified Mathieu Function
Gast, Paul F. & Bournis, Anthony
July 21, 1955
Primary view of Evaluation of Glass-Clad Bayonet Heaters
Krieg, J. T. & Amos, L. C.
July 29, 1955
Primary view of A High Range Beta-Gamma Survey Instrument
Spear, W. G.
July 30, 1955
Primary view of Analysis of Broadened X-ray Diffraction Peaks
Merckx, K. R.
July 27, 1955
Primary view of The Study of a Method of Assaying the Approximate Isotopic Ratio in Uranium
Thiele, A. W.
July 15, 1955
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