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Primary view of Metal Organic Frameworks Containing Frustrated Lewis Pairs for Hydrogen Storage at Ambient Temperature
Ma, Shengqian
Primary view of Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation, Inc., The Women's Memorial Oral History Project
William, Cindy
July 23, 2003
Primary view of Impacts of Parental Health on the Psychosocial Functioning of University Students
Askings, Diana Christine
July 9, 2014
Primary view of Lai Saram Authawng
Ling, Joel
July 1, 2016
Primary view of Temperature-sensitive Post-translational Regulation of Plant Omega-3 Fatty-acid Desaturases Is Mediated by the Endoplasmic Reticulum-associated Degradation Pathway
O'Quin, Jami B.; Bourassa, Linda; Zhang, Daiyuan; Shockey, Jay M.; Gidda, Satinder K.; Fosnot, Spencer et al.
July 9, 2010
Primary view of Making space for visual literacy in literacy teacher preparation: Preservice teachers coding to design digital books
Eutsler, Lauren
July 24, 2021
Primary view of [Deep in the Heart full performance, with bonus content]
Kids Who Care Inc. Musical Theatre
July 2006
Primary view of [Black Tie Dinner Inc. bank account summary]
Black Tie Dinner, Inc.
July 2001
Primary view of [A fax from Steven K. Cox]
Black Tie Dinner, Inc.
July 31, 2001
Primary view of [An email from Ibis Kaba]
Black Tie Dinner, Inc.
July 30, 2001
Primary view of [A fax from Sue Wyll]
Black Tie Dinner, Inc.
July 17, 2001
Primary view of [A notice of new Employed Identification Number Assigned]
Black Tie Dinner, Inc.
July 19, 1989
Primary view of [A lion-headed fountain]
Williams, Byrd M. (Byrd Moore), IV, 1951-
July 1985
Primary view of NURE Aerial Gamma Ray and Magnetic Detail Survey of Portions of Northeast Washington, Final Report: Volume 2A. Mt. Leona-Nancy Creek, Washington Area
Carson Helicopters, Inc.
July 1981
Primary view of Plate 1-5: Stream Sediment Detailed Geochemical Survey for Marysvale, Utah
Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant
July 31, 1980
Primary view of [Man working on a Kia with the hood up]
unknown creator
July 24, 2004
Primary view of [Woman reading a book on the tailgate of a truck]
unknown creator
July 18, 2004
Primary view of [Man talking on the phone: Lone Sar Ride 204 event photo]
unknown creator
July 18, 2004
Primary view of Scaling of axial muscle architecture in juvenile Alligator mississippiensis reveals an enhanced performance capacity of accessory breathing mechanisms
Rose, Kayleigh A. R.; Tickle, Peter G.; Elsey, Ruth M.; Sellers, William I.; Crossley, Dane A., II & Codd, Jonathan R.
July 23, 2021
Primary view of Structural Modeling and in planta Complementation Studies Link Mutated Residues of the Medicago truncatula Nitrate Transporter NPF1.7 to Functionality in Root Nodules
Yu, Yao-Chuan; Dickstein, Rebecca & Longo, Antonella
July 1, 2021
Primary view of Ultrasound Imaging by Thermally Tunable Phononic Crystal Lens
Jin, Yuqi & Neogi, Arup
July 26, 2021
Primary view of Spatial Targeting of Agricultural Support Measures: Indicator-Based Assessment of Coverages and Leakages
LaFevor, Matthew C.; Ponette-González, Alexandra G.; Larson, Rebecca & Mungai, Leah M.
July 15, 2021
Primary view of Self-Assembly-Directed Organization of a Fullerene–Bisporphyrin into Supramolecular Giant Donut Structures for Excited-State Charge Stabilization
Caballero, Rubén; Barrejón, Myriam; Cerdá, Jesús; Aragó, Juan; Seetharaman, Sairaman; de la Cruz, Pilar et al.
July 14, 2021
Primary view of Segmenting Wildlife Value Orientations to Mitigate Human–Wildlife Conflict for Ecotourism Development in Protected Areas
KC, Birendra; Min, Jihye Ellie & Serenari, Christopher
July 6, 2021
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