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Primary view of Uranium in the Southern United States
Southern Interstate Nuclear Board
July 1, 1969
Primary view of The UE12p#1 Exploratory Drill Hole: Stratigraphy, Lithology, and Physical Properties
Danilchik, Walter
July 30, 1968
Primary view of Geodimeter Measurement of Earth Strains on Rainier Mesa, Nevada Test Site
Danilchik, Walter; Dickey, D. D. & Ellis, W. E.
July 10, 1968
Primary view of Nuclear Physics Made Very, Very Easy
Hanlen, D. F. & Morse, W. J.
July 1968
Primary view of Thorium and Rare Earth Resources of the Lemhi Pass Area, Idaho and Montana: Summary Report
Sharp, Byron J. & Hetland, Donald L.
July 1968
Primary view of Geologic Map of the Dead Horse Flat Quadrangle, Nye County, Nevada
Noble, Donald C.; Krushensky, Richard K.; McKay, Edward J. & Ege, John R.
July 27, 1967
Primary view of International Geophysical Year Oceanographic Program of the Argentine Republic
Capurro, Luis R. A.
July 19, 1967
Primary view of Revision of the NBS Tables of Spectral-Line Intensities Below 2450 Å
Corliss, Charles H.
July 7, 1967
Primary view of 1000-MWe LMFBR Follow-On Study, Task I Report: Volume 4, Concept III System Description
Goulding, B. J.
July 1967
Primary view of The Economics of a Regional Municipal Desalting System in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Southwest Research Institute
July 1967
Primary view of Preparation Characteristics of Pennsylvania Anthracite from the Bottom Red Ash Bed, Northern Field
Sanner, William S.
July 1967
Primary view of Scale Control With Graphite Heat-Transfer Tubes of Controlled Permeability to Steam
Vaaler, L. E. & Hulswitt, C. E.
July 1967
Primary view of Vertical-Tube Evaporator Pilot Plant Report, Volume 1, July 1, 1967
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
July 1, 1967
Primary view of Guidebook for Field Trips to the Nevada Test Site
Christiansen, Robert L.; Poole, F. G.; Barnes, Harley; Orkild, Paul P.; Byers, F. M., Jr.; Carr, Wilfred James et al.
July 21, 1966
Primary view of The Band Spectrum of Carbon Monoxide
Krupenie, Paul H.
July 8, 1966
Primary view of Evaluation of Thorium Fuels for the Heavy Water Organic Cooled Reactor
unknown creator
July 1966
Primary view of Experimental Radiation Measurements in Conventional Structures: Part 1, Radiation Measurements in Two Two-Story and Three One-Story Typical Residential Structures Before and After Modification
Burson, Z. G.
July 1966
Primary view of Feasibility Study of a 1000-Mwe Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor: Volume 1 - Technical and Economic Potential
Eggen, D. T.; Cochran, J. C. & Gibson, A. S.
July 1966
Primary view of Calculations of the Madelung Constant and Inverse Twelfth Power Repulsion Factors for the Wurtzite Crystal Structure
Gehman, William G.
July 25, 1965
Primary view of Large SGR Control Rod Development
Dermer, M. D.
July 25, 1965
Primary view of The Properties and Irradiation Behavior of U₃Si₂
Shimizu, H.
July 25, 1965
Primary view of A Comparison of Gas-Turbine and Steam-Turbine Power Plants for Use with All-Ceramic Gas-Cooled Reactors
Fraas, A. P. & Ozisik, M. N.
July 1965
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: March 1, 1965 - June 1, 1965
Hardy, Edward P., Jr. & Rivera, Joseph
July 1, 1965
Primary view of MINIMIZER: A Computer Code for Determining Minimum Fuel Cost
Eschbach, E. A.; Deonigi, D. E. & McConiga, A. F.
July 1965
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