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Primary view of Hydrogeochemical and Stream Sediment Reconnaissance Basic Data for Grand Island NTMS Quadrangle, Nebraska; Kansas: Appendix C
National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program
July 31, 1980
Primary view of The Amiot S.E.C.M. 110 C.1 : A Single-Seat Pursuit Monoplane
unknown creator
July 1929
Primary view of Compressibility and Heating Effects on Pressure Loss and Cooling of a Baffled Cylinder Barrel
Goldstein, Arthur W. & Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr.
July 1944
Primary view of The critical velocity of a body towed by a cable from an airplane
Koning, C. & DeHaas, T. P.
July 1937
Primary view of The Hanriot-Biche 110 C1 Airplane (French): An All-Metal Low-Wing Pursuit Monoplane
Rabion, René
July 1933
Primary view of Reactor Physics Studies in the Engineering Mockup Critical Assembly of the Fast Test Reactor
Pond, R. B.
July 1976
Primary view of Humic Substances in Natural Waters and Their Complexation With Trace Metals and Radionuclides : A Review
Boggs, Sam, Jr.; Livermore, David & Seitz, Martin G.
July 1985
Primary view of Li-Alloy/FeS Cell Design and Analysis Report
Gay, E. C.; Steunenberg, Robert K.; Miller, W. E.; Battles, J. E.; Kaun, T. D.; Martino, F. J. et al.
July 1985
Primary view of Germanium-Lithium Argon Scanning System (GLASS) : Design and Experience Through 1974
Brunson, G. S.
July 1976
Primary view of High-Performance Batteries for Off-Peak Energy Storage and Electric-Vehicle Propulsion, Progress Report: April-June 1976
Nelson, P. A.; Ivins, R. O.; Yao, N. P.; Battles, J. E.; Chilenskas, A. A.; Gay, E. C. et al.
July 1976
Primary view of Nuclear Technology Programs Quarterly Progress Report: October-December 1984
Steindler, M. J.
July 1985
Primary view of Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility
Black, Roger L.
July 1984
Primary view of Effects of Operating Temperature on the Characteristics of Nickel/Iron Traction Batteries
DeLuca, W. H.; Biwer, R. L. & Tummillo, A. F.
July 1986
Primary view of The "Comte A.C. 3" Military Airplane (Swiss) : A High-Wing Semicantilever Monoplane
unknown creator
July 1930
Primary view of NACA Mach number indicator for use in high-speed tunnels
Smith, Norman F.
July 1943
Primary view of On a New Method for Calculating the Potential Flow Past a Body of Revolution
Kaplan, Carl
July 1942
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation to Determine the Horizontal- and Vertical-Tail Contributions to the Static Lateral Stability Characteristics of a Complete-Model Swept-Wing Configuration at High Subsonic Speeds
Wiggins, James W.; Kuhn, Richard E. & Fournier, Paul G.
July 10, 1953
Primary view of The development and application of high-critical-speed nose inlets
Baals, Donald D.; Smith, Norman F. & Wright, John B.
July 1945
Primary view of Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Effects of Spoilers on the Characteristics of a Low-Drag Airfoil Equipped With a 0.25-Chord Slotted Flap
Holtzclaw, Ralph W.
July 23, 1945
Primary view of The Bernard 80 G.R. Long-Distance Airplane (French) : A Two-Place Cantilever Monoplane
unknown creator
July 1931
Primary view of The Comper "Streak" Single Seat Airplane (British): A Low-Wing Cantilever Monoplane
unknown creator
July 1934
Primary view of Determination of General Relations for the Behavior of Turbulent Boundary Layers
von Doenhoff, Albert E. & Tetervin, Neal
July 1943
Primary view of The Avro "Gosport," 504 R: A New Training Airplane
unknown creator
July 1927
Primary view of The Gloster "Gambet" Airplane: A Deck-Landing Ship's Fighter Fitted With a 420 HP. Bristol Jupiter VI Engine
unknown creator
July 1927
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