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Primary view of An evaluation of simple iron-water radiation shields and radiation measurements within concrete-lined and -capped pits
Muckenthaler, F. J.; Jung, L.; Blosser, T. V.; Freestone, R. M. Jr. & Miller, J. M.
July 31, 1964
Primary view of Performance Characteristics of a Liquid Metal MHD Generator
Petrick, Michael & Lee, Kung-You
July 1964
Primary view of Modular Nuclear Testing Concept
Wouters, L. F.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of Draft paper on calculations related to prompt burst reactors (SUPO)
unknown creator
July 21, 1964
Primary view of UO2 Pellet Thermal Conductivity From Irradiations With Central Melting
Lyons, M. F.; Coplin, D. H.; Pashos, T. J. & Weidenbaum, B.
July 1964
Primary view of Program for the Development of Plutonium Recycle for Use in Light Water Moderated Reactors Quarterly Progress Report: April 1 - June 30, 1964
Robkin, M. A.
July 15, 1964
Primary view of Development Program for Increased Output in the Garigliano Nuclear Reactor. Quarterly Report No. 7
Howard, C. L.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of Transition Boiling Heat Transfer Program; Sixth Quarterly Progress Report, April - June 1964
Quinn, E. P.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of Irradiation Processing Department monthly report, June 1964
unknown creator
July 15, 1964
Primary view of Health and Safety Laboratory Fallout Program Quarterly Summary Report: March 1, 1964 - June 1, 1964
Hardy, Edward P., Jr.; Rivera, Joseph & Collins, William R., Jr.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of A Procedure to Determine the Relative Extent of Reactor Fission Product Releases Under Various Meteorological Conditions
Lanes, Stephen J.
July 1964
Primary view of An Engineering Method for Calculating Protection Afforded by Structures Against Fallout Radiation
Eisenhauer, Charles
July 2, 1964
Primary view of A Gamma Ray Detector of Variable Geometry for Whole Body Counting of Small Animals
Goodrich, R. M.; Thomas, R. G. & Wright, S. R.
July 1964
Primary view of An evaluation of the experimental determination of the effects of burnout and corrosion on spline worth
Blyckert, W. A.
July 13, 1964
Primary view of Neptunium-237 production forecasts, IPD 1964--73
Nilson, R.
July 10, 1964
Primary view of HASL Contributions to the Study of Fallout in Food Chains
Rivera, Joseph & Harley, John H.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of Standard X-ray Diffraction Powder Patterns: Section 3. Data for 51 Substances
Swanson, Howard E.; Morris, Marlene Cook; Evans, Eloise H. & Ulmer, Linda
July 31, 1964
Primary view of Effects of several EQ fuel loadings on aluminum process tube life
Hough, C. G.
July 24, 1964
Primary view of Chemical Processing Department Monthly Report: June 1964
Hanford Atomic Products Operation. Chemical Processing Department.
July 22, 1964
Primary view of Tables of Chemical Kinetics : Homogeneous Reactions (Supplementary Tables)
United States. Bureau of Standards.
July 1, 1964
Primary view of Investigation of inner fuel element failure, process tube No. 3361: Status report, July 7, 1964 (status at 5:00 p.m., July 20, 1964)
Guay, A. E.
July 17, 1964
Primary view of [Gulfpride motor oil display window]
WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
July 10, 1964
Primary view of Production test IP-695-AC thorium oxide irradiation -- K Reactors
Gross, P. D. & Hladek, K. L.
July 7, 1964
Primary view of Preliminary hazards evaluation for enriched uranium-thoria (E-Q) loading: Hanford IPD reactors
Nilson, R.; Carlson, P. A. & Owsley, G. F.
July 23, 1964
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