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Primary view of Investigation of the radioactive minerals in the black sands of the Del Monte glass sand deposits, Pacific Grove, California
Towle, Charles C.
July 1950
Primary view of Mound Laboratory Liquid Waste Disposal Research Quarterly Report for April - June, 1950
Monsanto Chemical Company
July 1, 1950
Primary view of An Approximate Crystal Structure for the Beta Phase of Uranium
Tucker, Charles W., Jr.
July 7, 1950
Primary view of Thermodynamic Diagrams for Sodium
Inatomi, T. H. & Parrish, W. C.
July 13, 1950
Primary view of The Potential of the Pu(III)-Pu(IV) Couple: The Hydrolysis Constant of Pu(IV)
Rabideau, Sherman W.; Lemons, Joe F. & Rollefson, G. K.
July 18, 1950
Primary view of Low Pass Filters For Telemetering Applications
Dossey, James L.
July 19, 1950
Primary view of Monthly Divisional Information Meeting : Isotope Research and Production Division, Y-12
Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation
July 21, 1950
Primary view of Terminal Report on the Radiolanthanum Laboratory
Figenshau, J. K.
July 21, 1950
Primary view of Advanced Seminar in Reactor Physics
Smith, Nicholas M.
July 26, 1950
Primary view of The Entropy and Low Temperature Heat Capacity of Neptunium Dioxide
Westrum, Edgar F., Jr.; Hatcher, J. B. & Osborne, Darrell W.
July 28, 1950
Primary view of A Continuous Fission Product Separation Process; I. Removal of the Rare Earths (Lanthanum Cerium, Praseodymium, and Neodymium) From a Typical Liquid Bismuth-Uranium Reactor Fuel by Contact with Fused LiCl-KCl Mixtures
Bareis, D. W.
July 1, 1951
Primary view of Investigations of Domestic Radioactive Raw Materials, Beryllium, and Other Trace Elements Monthly Report: June 1951
Geological Survey (U.S.). Trace Elements Office.
Primary view of [Trace Elements Program, Field Projects, June 1951]
Geological Survey (U.S.). Trace Elements Office.
Primary view of Physics Division Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending March 20, 1951
Bernstein, S.; Snell, A. H. & Wollan, E. O.
July 2, 1951
Primary view of Maximum Allowable Concentration for Air-Borne Beta Contamination
Bailey, J. C. & Henry, H. F.
July 5, 1951
Primary view of FMPC Solvent Treatment Area - Process Design
Pfeiffer, Carl & Maerker, John B.
July 6, 1951
Primary view of Progress Report on Gamma-Ray Logging Activities
Comstock, Sherman S.
July 9, 1951
Primary view of Shielding Reactor Corrosion Studies
Olsen, Arnold R.
July 9, 1951
Primary view of Graphite Sample Boring from Process Channels : Final Report, Production Test 105-389-P
Cole, J. B.
July 10, 1951
Primary view of A Solvent Extraction Method for Neptunium (237) Analysis
Moore, Fletcher L.
July 10, 1951
Primary view of A Low Voltage Ion Source
Foster, J. S., (John Stuart), 1890-1964 & Martina, Eugene F.
July 12, 1951
Primary view of Metallurgy Division: Physics of Solids Institute: Quarterly Progress Report for Period Ending January 31, 1951
Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Metallurgy Division. Physics of Solids Institute.
July 17, 1951
Primary view of Gamma-Ray Transmission Through Finite Slabs - Part 1
Peebles, Glenn Harold
July 23, 1951
Primary view of Tests on a High Current R.F. Joint in Vacuum
Wharton, Charles B.
July 25, 1951
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