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Primary view of GLBT History at UNT
Roberts, Amanda; Pomerleau, Clark A. & Wisely, Karen
April 19, 2012
Primary view of A Comprehensive Approach: Poverty, Politics, and Social Conflict in Latin America: A Work in Progress
Ostria, Marcelo A. & Navarro, Aaron W., 1973-
April 3, 2008
Primary view of Gnosticism and Early Christianity: The Valentinian School and Its Interaction with Christians in the Second Century C.E.
Renshaw, Christopher & Stern, Laura Ikins
April 15, 2010
Primary view of The Development of U.S. Destroyers in Relation to Naval Limitation Treaties between 1920-1940
Wicks, Harrison & Mitchener, Donald K.
April 14, 2011
Primary view of The Lives and Policies of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and Their Views on Machiavelli
Pierce, Emily & Verrill, Diane
April 19, 2012
Primary view of Legacy of Stalinism in Modern Russia: Historical Trauma, Memory and Forgetting
Velikanova, Olga V.
April 12, 2013
Primary view of The Invention of Sectarianism as a Problem of the Middle East
unknown creator
April 24, 2014
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