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Primary view of [Interrogatories Regarding Quality and Damages to Ordnances Stores, March 28, 1864]
Ramsay, George D.
March 28, 1864
Primary view of [Invoice of Supplies from D. B. Abrahams]
Abrahams, D. B.
March 28, 1866
Primary view of [Letter from Laura Wallace to Linnet, March 28, 1890]
Wallace, Laura
March 28, 1890
Primary view of [Assignment of mortgage, March 28, 1908]
Gayle, F. P.
March 28, 1908
Primary view of [Letter from O. C. Harris to Claude D. White, March 28,1916]
Harris, O. C.
March 28, 1916
Primary view of [Wanted Poster: William S. Knoblock, Baltimore, Maryland, March 28, 1916]
Carter, Robert D.
March 28, 1916
Primary view of Investigation of damping liquids for aircraft instruments 2
Houseman, M. R. & Keulegan, G. H.
March 28, 1931
Primary view of The N.A.C.A. High-Speed Wind Tunnel and Tests of Six Propeller Sections
Stack, John
March 28, 1933
Primary view of [A court transcript for a case involving Pedro J. Gonzalez]
Parlee, Lorena, 1945-2006
March 28, 1934
Primary view of Carpet Beetles.
Back, E. A. (Ernest Adna), 1886-
March 28, 1938
Primary view of The Crinkling Strength and the Bending Strength of Round Aircraft Tubing
Osgood, William R.
March 28, 1938
Primary view of On some reciprocal relations in the theory of nonstationary flows
Garrick, I. E.
March 28, 1938
Primary view of Free-spinning wind-tunnel tests of a low-wing monoplane with systematic changes in wings and tails IV: effect of center-of-gravity location
Seidman, Oscar & Neihouse, A. I.
March 28, 1939
Primary view of Investigations on the Incompletely Developed Plane Diagonal-Tension Field
Kuhn, Paul
March 28, 1940
Primary view of [Letter from Carrillo Gonzalez]
Gonzalez, Carrillo
March 28, 1941
Primary view of [Letter from Jennie Roberson]
Roberson, Jennie
March 28, 1941
Primary view of Effect of Mach and Reynolds Numbers on Maximum Lift Coefficient
Spreiter, John R. & Steffen, Paul J.
March 28, 1946
Primary view of Altitude-Wind-Tunnel Investigation of R-4360-18 Power-Plant Installation for XR60 Airplane, 3, Performance of Induction and Exhaust Systems
Dupree, David T. & Hawkins, W. Kent
March 28, 1947
Primary view of Longitudinal Stability and Control Characteristics of a Semispan Airplane Model With a Swept-Back Tail From Tests at Transonic Speeds by the NACA Wing-Flow Method
Zalovcik, John A. & Sawyer, Richard H.
March 28, 1947
Primary view of Effects of wing-tip turrets on the aerodynamic characteristics of a typical bomber-wing model
Boddy, Lee E. & Sutton, Fred B.
March 28, 1949
Primary view of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Aerodynamically Refined Planing-Tail Hulls
McKann, Robert & Coffee, Claude W.
March 28, 1949
Primary view of Initial Experiments on the Brookhaven Reactor. Iii. Analysis of the Clinton Critical Experiment
Chernick, J.
March 28, 1949
Primary view of Two-Dimensional Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Two NACA 7-Series Type Airfoils Equipped With a Slot-Lip Aileron, Trailing-Edge Frise Aileron, and a Double Slotted Flap
Braslow, Albert L. & Visconti, Fioravante
March 28, 1949
Primary view of [Bobby Peters and another man with some blinds]
WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
March 28, 1950
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