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Primary view of Time for a Pause: Without Effective Public Oversight, AI in Schools Will Do More Harm Than Good.
Williamson, Ben; Molnar, Alex & Boninger, Faith
March 2024
Primary view of Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Opportunities, Challenges, and Implications
United States. Government Accountability Office.
March 2018
Primary view of Thorium Bismuthide : Ultrasonic Control of Crystal Size
unknown creator
March 16, 1959
Primary view of RAYPAC : a Special-Purpose Analog Computer
Durham, H. B.
March 24, 1955
Primary view of Higher harmonics of Radial Vibrations in Short Hollow Cylinders of Barium Titanate
Stephenson, C.V.
March 9, 1955
Primary view of A Study of the Mechanisms of Heat Treatment of Zirconium-Base Alloys : Status Report, July 1, 1955 - February 29, 1956
Domagala, R. F. & Levinson, David W.
March 15, 1956
Primary view of Uranium Accumulation in Plants as an Indicator of Uranium Deposits in the Soil. Final Report
Kurtz, Edwin B., Jr.
March 1, 1956
Primary view of An Investigation of Scaling of Zirconium at Elevated Temperatures. Quarterly Status Report No. 11, December 2, 1955 to March 2, 1956
Barrett, C. A. & Evans, E. B.
March 13, 1956
Primary view of Liquid Metal Level Instrument
Robinson, H.; Dows, L. H. & Droms, C. R.
March 18, 1952
Primary view of Chemical Development Section C Progress Report for October-November 1960
Brown, K. B.
March 3, 1961
Primary view of The Lindemann and Grüneisen Laws
Gilvarry, J. J. (John James), |1917-
March 23, 1955
Primary view of Gas Plated Coatings on Metals and Alloys : Progress Report No. 1
Nack, Herman & Whitacre, John R.
March 11, 1953
Primary view of In-Reactor Autoclave Corrosion Studies II : Autoclave Z-19
Warren, K. S.; Davis, R. J. & Jenks, G. H. (Glenn Herbert), 1916-
March 22, 1957
Primary view of Experiments on the Release of Fission Products from Molten Reactor Fuels
Parker, George W. & Creek, George E.
March 11, 1958
Primary view of Two Group Calculations for Flux Distribution and Critical Mass in Clean Cold ORR Cores
Binford, F. T.
March 11, 1958
Primary view of Effects of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Fabricability of 48 wt % Uranium - 52 wt % Aluminum Alloys
Thurber, William C.
March 15, 1957
Primary view of Radiation Dose Received by Passengers and Crew on Planes Carrying the Maximum Number of Radiation Units
Davis, D. M.; Hart, J. C. & Warden, A. D.
March 1, 1957
Primary view of Anisotropic Elastic Scattering of Neutrons
Copenhaver, C. M.
March 21, 1957
Primary view of Compatibility Tests of Various Materials in Molten Sodium
Carlander, R. & Hoffman, E. E.
March 25, 1957
Primary view of Source of Fission Products in LITR Cooling Water
Moeller, D. W. (Dade W.) & Leddicotte, G. W.
March 26, 1957
Primary view of In-Reactor Autoclave Corrosion Studies. II, Autoclave Z18
Warren, K. S.; Davis, R. J. & Jenks, G. H. (Glenn Herbert), 1916-
March 22, 1957
Primary view of Beryllium
Whitman, M. J.
March 21, 1957
Primary view of Measurement of the Friction Characteristics for Flow in the ART Fuel-to-NaK Heat Exchanger
Cohen, S. I. & Jones, T. N.
March 19, 1957
Primary view of TBP Stripping in Bubble-Cap Column and Concomitant Product Evaporation
Long, J. T.
March 18, 1957
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