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Primary view of Application of Nuclear Power Plants (SNAP Units) to the Manned Orbiting Research Laboratory (MORL)
Botts, W. V.; Marko, M.; McCourt, P. E.; Keshishian, V.; Piccot, A. R. & Budney, G. S.
February 1, 1965
Primary view of A Conceptual Design of a Thorium-Uranium (233) Power Breeder Reactor
Henrie, J. O. & Weisner, E. F.
February 1, 1954
Primary view of Design Modifications to the SRE during FY 1960
Deegan, G. E.; Dermer, M. D.; Flanagan, J. S.; Gower, G. C.; Hall, R. J.; Hinze, R. B. et al.
February 15, 1961
Primary view of Experimental Evaluation of a Sodium-to-Sodium Heliflow Heat Exchanger at Temperatures up to 1200°F
McDonald, J. S.
February 28, 1961
Primary view of Fatigue Characteristics of 37-Tube, Modular, Steam Generator Head
Lemcoe, M. M.
February 20, 1965
Primary view of Final Design of Sodium-Heated, Modular, Steam Generators for the SCTI
Casey, D. F.; Hammer, J. J.; Logan, D. & Williams, M. C.
February 1, 1965
Primary view of Flux Control for Irradiation Experiments
McCarty, W. K.
February 1, 1965
Primary view of Irradiation Swelling, Phase Reversion, and Intergranular Cracking of U-10 wt % Mo Fuel Alloy
Willard, R. M. & Schmitt, A. R.
February 1, 1965
Primary view of The NAA 47 U - 10 Mo Fuel Irradiation Program for HNPF Core 1
Schmitt, A. R.; Willard, R. M. & Magnus, D. K.
February 1, 1965
Primary view of Operation and Analysis of a 3000 KW Liquid Metal Model Steam Generator
Webster, L. J.
February 28, 1961
Primary view of Organic Moderated Reactor Experiment : Safeguards Summary
Sletten, H. L. & Blue, L. R.
February 1, 1958
Primary view of Performance of Cesium Thermionic Diodes Operated in Series-Parallel Circuits
Holland, J. W.
February 1, 1963
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