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Primary view of Chemical Research Section Progress Report for January 1950
Albaugh, F. W.
February 15, 1950
Primary view of Plutonium Recycle Critical Facility: Final Safeguards Analysis
Anderson, J. K. & Winegardner, W. K.
February 1962
Primary view of The formation of chemical film deposits on aluminum surfaces
Andrews, R. V.
February 1952
Primary view of Diameter Measurements of Slugs Before and After Prolonged Heat Treatment
Bennett, Carl A. & Lane, J. J.
February 16, 1948
Primary view of Decontamination of Dissolver Vent Gases at Hanford
Blasewitz, A. G.; Carlisle, R. V.; Judson, B. F.; Katzer, M. F.; Kurtz, E. F.; Schmidt, W. C. et al.
February 16, 1951
Primary view of Purex Pulse-Column Studies With Unirradiated Uranium: (Development of Specifications for the O.R.N.L. Pilot Plant)
Bradley, J. G.
February 20, 1951
Primary view of Scratch Depth Measurement Methods
Brenden, B.B.
February 26, 1959
Primary view of The Analysis of TBP Process Streams for Calcium with the Flame Photometer
Brite, D. W.
February 20, 1953
Primary view of The Use of Tetravalent Uranium and Hydrazine as Partitioning Agents in Solvent Extraction Process for Plutonium and Uranium
Buckingham, J.S.; Colvin, C.A. & Goodall, C.A.
February 1, 1959
Primary view of The Relation of Flash Point to Vapor Pressure
Burger, L. L.
February 24, 1955
Primary view of The Valve Actuated Pulse Column Design
Burger, L. L. & Clark, L. H.
February 16, 1953
Primary view of Properties of the System - Uranyl Nitrate - Aluminum Nitrate - Nitric Acid - Water - Hexone. Part VII. Distribution of Uranyl Nitrate, Nitric Acid, Plutonium (IV) and Plutonium (VI) from 0 to 60°C.
Burger, L. L.; Rehn, I. M. & Slansky, C. M.
February 1, 1952
Primary view of The Determination of Total Plutonium in the Presence of Aluminum
Burns, R. E. & Barton, G. B.
February 10, 1950
Primary view of A Microdetermination of Uranium by Ferric Sulfate Titration
Christopherson, E. W.
February 16, 1949
Primary view of Gas-Graphite Reactions. I. Thermal and Microwave Oxidation of Various Reactor-Grade Graphites*
Clark, T. J.
February 10, 1960
Primary view of The Nuclear Safety of Fissile Materials
Clayton, E.D.
Primary view of Development of a Welding Process for End Closures on NPR and KER Fuel Element
Corey, T. B.; DeWitt, D. E. & Nelson, I. V.
February 22, 1960
Primary view of Detailed Procedure for K Reactors Rear ace Decontamination by Chemical Flush or the Rear Crossheaders, Pigtails and Nozzles as Authorized by the Production Test Authorization IP-239-N.
Crossman, W.A.
February 25, 1959
Primary view of KAPL-120-8A Test Assembly Thermocouple Failure.
Dearing, F. E.
February 5, 1960
Primary view of Preliminary Report on the Use of Activated Carbon as a Catalyst for the Dissolved Oxygen-Aqueous Hydrazine Reaction
Demmit, T. F.
February 24, 1960
Primary view of Neutron Diffusion and Random Walk
Duvall, G. E.
February 5, 1953
Primary view of Hanford Works Analytical Manual for Reactor Process Water
Hanford Works
February 13, 1953
Primary view of Once Through Decontamination Studies- Interim Report No. 2
Hokenson, J. F. & Perrigo, L. D.
February 18, 1960
Primary view of Transformation and Magnetic Phenomena Occuring in Boron Stainless Steel Vertical Safety Rods
Hueschen, R. E.
February 6, 1953
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