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Primary view of Development of a Welding Process for End Closures on NPR and KER Fuel Element
Corey, T. B.; DeWitt, D. E. & Nelson, I. V.
February 22, 1960
Primary view of Light Water Separation with Triethylamine
Hahn, H. T. & Street, E. B.
February 22, 1957
Primary view of {{{title}}} metadc1254105
Hildreth, N. T.
February 22, 1956
Primary view of Summary of Sons of the American Revolution Youth Contests
Sons of the American Revolution. Texas Society. Arlington Chapter 7.
February 22, 2016
Primary view of Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Research - Radiation Chemistry, the Effect of Radiation on Water and Aqueous Solutions of Inorganic Substances
Allen, A. O.
February 22, 1944
Primary view of Appendix B-3. Statistical Summary of Hydrochemical Data from Ground and Surface Water Samples, Ekalaka, Montana/North Dakota/South Dakota Quadrangle
Robinson, Keith & Adkisson, Cheryl W.
February 22, 1980
Primary view of Sector 30 collimator radiation
Namito, Y. (Ship Research Inst., Tokyo (Japan)); Nelson, W. R. & Benson, E.
February 22, 1990
Primary view of Program for calculating x-ray powder diffraction interplanar (d) spacings with a Tektronix-31 desk top programmable calculator
Eckstein, R. R. & Ishida, Y. G.
February 22, 1977
Primary view of Properties of thermally contracting tantalum tungstates. [Ta/sub 22/W/sub 4/O/sub 67/, Ta/sub 2/WO/sub 8/, Ta/sub 16/W/sub 18/O/sub 94/]
Holcombe, Jr., C. E.; Smith, D. D.; Richards, H. L. & Lore, J. D.
February 22, 1977
Primary view of Development of short pulse laser pumped x-ray lasers
Dunn, J; Osterheld, A L; Hunter, J R & Shlyaptsev, V N
February 22, 2000
Primary view of 3(omega) Damage: Growth Mitigation
Kozlowski, M; Demos, S; Wu, Z-L; Wong, J; Penetrante, B & Hrubesh, L
February 22, 2001
Primary view of Evaluation of P/M Ring Gear Using Computed Tomography and Ultrasonic Testing
Haskins, J J & Martin, P
February 22, 2001
Primary view of Sensor modules for wireless distributed sensor networks
Lee, A. P.; McConaghy, C. F.; Simon, J. N.; Benett, W.; Jones, L. & Trevino, J.
February 22, 1999
Primary view of Intercomparison of Climate Data Sets as a Measure of Observational Uncertainty
Covey, C; Achuta Rao, K M; Fiorino, M; Gleckler, P J; Taylor, K E & Wehner, M F
February 22, 2002
Primary view of Chemical Processing Department monthly report for January 1960
unknown creator
February 22, 1960
Primary view of Increased process water pressure to 105 buildings
Measly, H. F.
February 22, 1951
Primary view of [Discussion by R. M. Evans at a meeting held with the members of the Military Liaison Committee on February 17, 1954]
unknown creator
February 22, 1954
Primary view of Specifications for Multifunction Storage Unit Type I
Kubitz, W J & Rollenhagen, D C
February 22, 1966
Primary view of Fuels Preparation Department monthly report, January 1960
unknown creator
February 22, 1960
Primary view of Expansion task force: Old reactors speed of control for no overbore cases
Gilbert, W. D.; Carlson, P. A. & Nechodom, W. S.
February 22, 1960
Primary view of CPTF Run 5 flux monitoring
Divine, J. R.
February 22, 1971
Primary view of Surfactant loss control in chemical flooding: Spectroscopic and calorimetric study of adsorption and precipitation on reservoir minerals. Quarterly technical progress report, October 1, 1993--December 31, 1993
Somasundaran, P.
February 22, 1994
Primary view of 300 Area, February 12 through February 18
unknown creator
February 22, 1946
Primary view of Design, synthesis, and characterization of novel fine-particle, unsupported catalysts for coal liquefaction. Technical progress report, October 26, 1990--January 26, 1991: Draft
Klein, M. T.
February 22, 1991
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