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An Investigation of Airborne Radioactivity Anomalies in the Rock Corral Area, San Bernardino County, California

Description: Report discussing the investigation of the Rock Corral area aimed at determining the connection between high radioactivity found during an airborne survey and the "distribution and mineralogic mode of occurrence" of this radioactivity.
Date: August 1953
Creator: Moxham, R. M.; Walker, G. W. & Baumgardner, L. H.
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Survey of Tin in California

Description: Report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Mines on a survey of tin deposits in California. A focus on tin deposits in Kern and San Bernardino Counties are presented. The report includes two maps.
Date: April 1946
Creator: Bedford, Robert H. & Johnson, F. T.
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Contingent post-closure plan, hazardous waste management units at selected maintenance facilities, US Army National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California

Description: The National Training Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, California, is a US Army training installation that provides tactical experience for battalion/task forces and squadrons in a mid- to high-intensity combat scenario. Through joint exercises with US Air Force and other services, the NTC also provides a data source for improvements of training doctrines, organization, and equipment. To meet the training and operational needs of the NTC, several maintenance facilities provide general and direct support for mechanical devices, equipment, and vehicles. Maintenance products used at these facilities include fuels, petroleum-based oils, lubricating grease, various degreasing solvents, antifreeze (ethylene glycol), transmission fluid, brake fluid, and hydraulic oil. Used or spent petroleum-based products generated at the maintenance facilities are temporarily accumulated in underground storage tanks (USTs), collected by the NTC hazardous waste management contractor (HAZCO), and stored at the Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricant (POL) Storage Facility, Building 630, until shipped off site to be recovered, reused, and/or reclaimed. Spent degreasing solvents and other hazardous wastes are containerized and stored on-base for up to 90 days at the NTC`s Hazardous Waste Storage Facility, Building 703. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) performed an inspection and reviewed the hazardous waste management operations of the NTC. Inspections indicated that the NTC had violated one or more requirements of Subtitle C of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and as a result of these violations was issued a Notice of Noncompliance, Notice of Necessity for Conference, and Proposed Compliance Schedule (NON) dated October 13, 1989. The following post-closure plan is the compliance-based approach for the NTC to respond to the regulatory violations cited in the NON.
Date: January 1, 1992
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Airborne Radioactivity Surveys in the Mojave Desert Region, Kern, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, California

Description: From abstract: Airborne radioactivity surveys in the Mojave Desert region, Kern, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties were made in five areas recommended as favorable for the occurrence of radioactive raw materials: (1) Rock Corral area, San Bernardino County. (2) Searles Station area, Kern County. (3) Soledad area, Kern County, (4) White Tank area, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. (5) Harvard Hills area, San Bernardino County. Anomalous radiation was detected in all but the Harvard Hills area.
Date: July 1952
Creator: Moxham, Robert Morgan
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[News Script: 6 PM sports]

Description: #$54q35Script from the WBAP-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, relating a news story about the Southern 500, Major League Baseball action, Sudden death playoff at the Greater Hartford Open tournament, Redskins Quarterback Sonny Jurgenson to undergo surgery, and Green Bay Packers infested with Stomach flu.
Date: September 6, 1971, 6:00 p.m.
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
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Preliminary Study of the Uranium Favorability of Mesozoic Intrusive and Tertiary Volcanic and Sedimentary Rocks of the Central Mojave Desert, Kern and San Bernardino Counties, California

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this project was to determine the uranium favorability of Mesozoic intrusive rocks and Tertiary volcanic and sedimentary rocks in the central Mojave Desert. The project was conducted by Bendix Field Engineering Corporation (BFEC) under the auspices of the Grand Junction Office of the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). The scope of the project included determination of the uranium content of different rock types, determination of the nature and extent of rock characteristics favorable for the formation of uranium deposits, and examination of known uranium deposits.
Date: February 1978
Creator: Leedom, S. H. & Kiloh, K. D.
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Ground Water in the Northeast Part of Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base, Bagdad Area, California

Description: Purpose and scope: The U.S. Marine Corps conducts training maneuvers in the study area. Lack of a local source of water has severely limited the utilization of the area. In the past, limited quantities of water have been transported to the area by truck or helicopter. The purpose of this study was to determine the feasibility of obtaining a supply of ground water in the area for use when field maneuvers are being conducted. The major effort for this study was concentrated on the part within the Marine Corps base boundary. The study involved the assessment of ground-water quality, ground water in storage, and aquifer characteristics.
Date: July 1983
Creator: Koehler, J. H.
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Ground Water in the Twenty-Nine Palms Indian Reservation and Vicinity, San Bernardino County, California

Description: From purpose and scope: The purpose of this study, done in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, was to provide hydrologic information necessary to aid in evaluating the feasibility of developing a water supply for the Twenty-Nine Palms Indian Reservation.
Date: October 1982
Creator: Freckleton, John R.
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Distribution of Nitrate in Ground Water Redlands, California

Description: Report and geographical survey. This report examines the distribution of nitrates in the Redland area's ground water and concludes that this distribution depends primarily upon depth below the water table and areal location. Includes several maps and figures.
Date: March 1977
Creator: Eccles, Lawrence A. & Bradford, Wesley L.
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