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Primary view of Off-Site Radiological Safety Report, Carlsbad, New Mexico
Placak, O. R.
January 1, 1961
Primary view of Poverty in the United States 1968-1969: Selected References
Zachariasen, Ellen
August 13, 1969
Primary view of Discussions of Medical Device Issues: A Selected Bibliography
Cavalier, Kay
June 19, 1970
Primary view of Congressional Organization for Science and Technology, 91st Congress, 2nd Session: A Listing of Congressional Committees and Subcommittees Having Jurisdiction over Scientific and Technological Activities
Ayton, Mauree W.
March 2, 1970
Primary view of Environmental Policy and Law: Bibliography of Reference Works and Government Documents and Bibliography of Legal Periodicals
Prihoda, Cheryl & Sittig, William
January 28, 1970
Primary view of Federal Government Health, Education, and Welfare Programs of Assistance to American Indians Residing on Federal Reservations
Langone, Stephen A.
October 7, 1969
Primary view of Resolving some selected issues of A National Materials Policy. 1973
Franklin, P
December 1972
Primary view of PPBS in 1970: Methodology and Implementation, An Annotated Bibliography
Chartrand, Robert L. & Becker, Louise G.
April 16, 1970
Primary view of National Health Insurance Proposals and Their Alternatives
Cavalier, Kathleen
May 5, 1970
Primary view of Environmental Affairs in the 91st Congress, 1st Session
Congressional Research Service. Environmental Policy Division
May 16, 1970
Primary view of The Proposed Allied Services Act: Summary and Arguments, Pro and Con
House, Sharon
November 14, 1975
Primary view of Multinational Corporations 1968-70: Selected References
Billings, Elden E.
June 15, 1970
Primary view of Selected Federal Programs in Which Non-Public Elementary and Secondary Schools and Children May Participate
Campbell, Colleen
October 28, 1970
Primary view of Criminal Procedure: Brief Summaries of Major Decisions of the "Warren Court" Relating to the Rights of Persons Accused of Crime
Hutton, E. Jeremy
August 22, 1969
Primary view of Equal Employment Opportunity in the Construction Industry: The Philadelphia Plan with Related Documents
Fulton, Joseph F.
March 16, 1970
Primary view of Local Welfare Administrators' Comments On the "Welfare Crisis."
Malone, Margaret
December 17, 1968
Primary view of Digest of Selected Agricultural Legislation: 91st Congress
Sherman, Harvey R.
May 5, 1970
Primary view of Police-Community Relations: Selected References
Loo, Shirley
March 12, 1970
Primary view of Dental Manpower in the United States
Kline, Janet
September 16, 1970
Primary view of The Seniority System: Pros, Cons, and Suggested Reforms
Oleszek, Walter J.
May 27, 1970
Primary view of Major Legislation Affecting Older Americans from 1960 Through 1969
Howard, Evelyn
October 22, 1969
Primary view of Narcotic Addiction: Selected Bibliographic References
Hogan, Harry L.
June 11, 1970
Primary view of The Physician Shortage in Rural America
Kline, Janet
August 14, 1970
Primary view of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,1929-1968: Selected References
Van Helden, Morrigene
April 1, 1970
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