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Primary view of Newsmap. For the Armed Forces. 265th week of the war, 147th week of U.S. participation
[United States.] Army Service Forces. Army Information Branch.
October 9, 1944
Primary view of Amendments to 1987 Treaty on Fisheries with Pacific Island States : message from the President of the United States transmitting amendments to the 1987 Treaty on Fisheries Between the Governments of Certain Pacific Island States and the Government of the United States of America, with annexes and agreed statements, done at Port Moresby, April 2, 1987 (The "Treaty"), done at Koror, Palau, March 30, 1999, and at Kiritimati, Kiribati, March 24, 2002 : also transmitted, related amendments to the treaty annexes, and the memorandum of understanding
United States. President (2001-2009 : Bush) & Powell, Colin L.
Primary view of Structured Flotsam as Fish Aggregating Devices
Shomura, Richard S. & Matsumoto, Walter M.
October 1982
Primary view of Oral History Interview with Ralph W. Nelson, April 18, 1996
Maglaughlin, Barry & Nelson, Ralph W.
April 18, 1996
Primary view of Oral History Interview with Paul Anthony Sovik, November 8, 2010
Hegi, Benjamin & Sovik, Paul Anthony, 1920-
November 8, 2010
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