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Primary view of Comparison of the Personalities of Non-Injured and Injured Female Athletes in Intercollegiate Competition
Abadie, Deborah A.
December 1976
Primary view of Fear of Failure and Fear of Success: The Relationship of Achievement Motives to the Motor Performance of Males and Females
Albury, Kevin W.
December 1982
Primary view of The Development and Growth of Sports Activities for Women in North Texas State Teachers College from 1908 to 1938
Anderson, Julia Mae
August 1939
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Stipulated, Assigned, and Acquired Duties of the Head and Assistant Football Coaches of the Class AA High Schools Within a Radius of 115 Miles of Grand Prairie, Texas
Ashton, Vernon C.
Primary view of The Growth and Development of the Recreation Program of the North Texas State Teachers College from 1911 to 1939
Atkins, Noble James
August 1939
Primary view of An Analytical Study of Conditioning Programs for Interscholastic Girls' Championship Basketball Teams
Atnip, Mary C.
August 1960
Primary view of The Establishment of Norms for Two Selected Tennis Skills Tests at North Texas State University
Avery, Cathy Ann
August 1978
Primary view of A Field Test of Garland's Cognitive Mediation Theory of Goal Setting
Bagnall, Jamie
August 1987
Primary view of The Relative Contribution of Flexibility of the Back and Hamstring Muscles in the Performance of the Sit and Reach Component of the AAHPERD Health Related Fitness Test in Girls Thirteen to Fifteen Years of Age
Baker, Alice Ann
August 1985
Primary view of A Volley Ball Manual for Coaches and Players
Baker, Luther M.
Primary view of Methods and Procedures in Determining a Recreation Program for the City of Denton, Texas
Bales, Marguerite
August 1938
Primary view of Evaluation of the School Plant of Union Grove High School in Upshur County, Texas, on the Basis of Health and Safety Environment for the School Population with Recommendations for Future Development
Bartlett, J. Harold
Primary view of Effect of Trampoline Training and Tumbling on the Cardiovascular Efficiency of College Women
Bateman, Judith L.
May 1972
Primary view of Effects of Age, Fitness Level, and Exercise Training upon Autonomic Control of Heart Rate
Baun, William Boyd
May 1980
Primary view of An Evaluation of the Physical Education Program of Arlington State College with Recommendations for Future Development
Bearden, Burley
August 1954
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Expansion of Recreation Facilities, Equipment, and Activities of the Dallas Park and Recreation Departments with the Increase in the Population of Dallas, Texas from 1940 to 1950
Beasley, Betty Aneita
August 1950
Primary view of A Comparison of Two Plyometric Training Techniques
Benesh, Traci A. (Traci Ann)
August 1989
Primary view of The Personality Characteristics of High School Male Gymnasts
Bennington, Gary L.
May 1972
Primary view of An Analysis of Perceived Exertion of a Graded Isometric Muscle Contraction of the Forearm Flexors Under Conditions of Magnitude Production and Magnitude Estimation
Berthelot, Ronnie
August 1975
Primary view of The Status of Coaches of Boys' Interscholastic Basketball in Class A Senior High Schools in Texas
Bettes, Lawrence Edgare
August 1964
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Physical Education Programs in the Texas High Schools to Determine the Value of Such Affiliation as a sound Educational Requirement
Bevill, Glenda Pearl
August 1937
Primary view of A Survey of Physical Education Programs with Regard to Acivities Offered the Male Student in Texas Junior Colleges
Blair, Oscar Thomas
August 1967
Primary view of A Descriptive Study of the Professional Preparation and Teaching Experiences of Male Physical Education Graduates of North Texas State University for the College Sessions From 1965 Through 1973
Bomar, Forrest D.
May 1976
Primary view of A Study of the Leisure Time Activities of the Boys of Big Spring High School During the School Year 1948-1949 and the Summer of 1949 with Recommendations for the Future Development of the High School Physical Education and the City Recreation Program
Bonner, Ross Wayne
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