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Klangfarbenmelodien in Anton Webern's Symphony, Op. 21, First Movement: A Lecture Recital, Together with Three Recitals of Selected Works of O. Messiaen, G.F. Handel. C.M.V. Weber, M. Ravel, F.T. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, and R. Vaughan Williams

Description: Klangfarbenmelodien is a term first mentioned by Schoenberg in his Harmonielehre (1911) in a discussion suggesting the idea of tone colors as a structural element equal to other musical components such as harmony, rhythm, pitch, and dynamics. The intent of this study is to investigate significant influences that led to Webern's adoption and application of Klangrfarben techniques in the Symphony, op. 21, first movement. Webern's expression of Klangfarbenmelodien was his method of dispersing melodic lines and the manipulation of a wide gamut of varying tone colors. A brief biography is included in the paper and Webern's professional career as a conductor is viewed and considered as to its affect on the creation of the Symphony with emphasis on his relationship with Schoenberg and the Society for Private Musical Performance. The genesis of the Symphony and its early performance history is examined, as well as the structure of op. 21 with specific examples of Klangrfarbenmelodien. These techniques include the presentation of melodic lines in terms of octave register, timbre, dynamics, articulation, durations, rhythm, and instrumentation.
Date: August 1989
Creator: Dirlam, Richard
Partner: UNT Libraries