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Primary view of Academic Achievement and Intelligence among Negro Eighth Grade Students as a Function of the Self Concept
Gay, Cleveland Johnson, 1912-
January 1966
Primary view of The Academic Dean and His Role in the Improvement of Instruction
Eskew, Cletis Theodore
January 1960
Primary view of The Accuracy of Teacher Rating of Pupil Personality and Achievement as Compared with Standardized Test Scores
Cottrell, Lucille
Primary view of Adapting a Reading Program to Individual Differences
Manning, Lucile
August 1954
Primary view of The Adequacy of Financial Support Received by the Small High-School Bands in Texas
Settle, James Bristol
Primary view of The Adequacy of the Professional Preparation of the Catholic School Superintendent
Meyers, John F.
August 1964
Primary view of The Adequacy of the School Transportation Systems of Montague County, Texas
Allen, Bill N.
Primary view of Adequacy of Training of Junior High School Teachers of Industrial Arts in Texas
Karnes, Ray
June 1938
Primary view of Administering the Use of Instructional Space in Texas State-Supported Colleges and Universities
Craig, Robert E.
August 1957
Primary view of The Administration of the Guidance Program for Secondary Schools
Hillyer, Martha B.
January 1948
Primary view of Administrative Activities of High School and Elementary School Principals with Respect to some Democratic Procedures
Clayton, Irvin
Primary view of Administrative Problems Involved in Promoting the Building Programs of Dallas County
Douglas, Erwin D.
Primary view of Adult Education: in Retrospect and Prospect
Storey, Lonita
Primary view of Advantages in the Social Studies to be Derived from the Texas Centennial by Children of Junior High School Level
Martin, Anna Y.
August 1936
Primary view of An Analysis and Classificiation of Children's Explanations of Natural Phenomena
Smith, Robert Frank
January 1963
Primary view of Analysis and Computer Programming of Duncan's New Multiple Range Test
Wheeler, Walter
June 1965
Primary view of An Analysis and Evaluation of the Recreation Program of the Callisburg Public School and Community
Welch, Virgil L.
Primary view of Analysis and Evaluation of the Role of Elementary School Supervisors in Selected Texas Public Schools
Todd, Cyrus Edwin, 1911-
June 1963
Primary view of An Analysis and Evaluation of Two Methods of Teaching Language Arts
Harrell, Ruth
August 1940
Primary view of The Analysis and Some of the Factors Associated with High School Transfers in Hill County
Ballew, Harvey Conway
August 1938
Primary view of An Analysis of a First Year of Participation in the Texas Health Education Program by the Sanger School
Lockhart, Cleo M.
Primary view of Analysis of Age-Grade and other Indices of Pupil Progress in the Primary Grades
Dodd, Serena
Primary view of Analysis of Anxiety and Hostility Scores from the Content Scoring of the Rorschach as They are Affected by Age, Sex and Education Variables
St. John, Richmond Barker
May 1969
Primary view of An Analysis of Approaches to Curriculum-Making in the Social Studies Program of the Junior High School
Wade, Lelia Jeanette
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