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Primary view of Rorschach Patterns as Related to Sociometric Status
Aber, Walter E.
August 1955
Primary view of The Value of Filmstrips in the Third Grade
Adair, Elva Gaynelle
Primary view of A Study of Pragmatism: its Influence on Certain Modern Trends in Education
Adams, Donald Quincy
Primary view of Individualized Instruction in the Elementary School
Adams, Juanita Sunshine
Primary view of A Proposed Industrial Arts General Shop Curriculum for Pauline G. Hughes Middle School, Burleson Independent School District
Adams, William Leroy.
May 1978
Primary view of Response of Female Athletes to Twelve-Week Plyometric Depth-jump Training
Adel, Ahmed Mousa
August 1988
Primary view of To Develop a Desirable Method of Reporting Pupil Progress in the Elementary School
Aikin, Lorene
Primary view of A Study to Determine the Common Elements in Ten Newbery Medal Books (1940-1949)
Akin, Alva-Myrtie
Primary view of To Determine a Sound Method of Distributing the Public School Funds in Texas
Alderdice, Joseph Lloyd
Primary view of A Comparative Study of the Social and Academic Status of Private Pre-school and Public School Children in the Second Year of a Dallas Elementary School
Aldredge, Ruby
Primary view of A Study of McKinney's School System with Reference to the Financial Status, the Educational Plant, the Educational Staff and the Pupils
Alexander, Arlin Albert
August 1937
Primary view of The Preparation and Work of High School Teachers in Collin County
Alexander, Mabel Parker
August 1937
Primary view of An Evaluation of Courses of Study for Teaching the Social Studies in the Primary Grades
Alford, Katherine Elizabeth Bower
Primary view of The Adequacy of the School Transportation Systems of Montague County, Texas
Allen, Bill N.
Primary view of A Study to Determine the Sound Administrative Steps in the Organization of a Community School
Allen, Clifford D.
Primary view of A Study of the Atypical Child and His Status in the Educational Practices of Texas
Althaus, Nellie
Primary view of An Evaluation of an Adequate Finance System for Extracurricular Activities
Alvis, James C.
Primary view of A Study of Dominance-Feeling in College Women
Anderson, Dan L.
Primary view of An Analysis of the Activity Program Offered at El Centro, Denton's Youth Center
Anderson, Douglas Stevens
August 1949
Primary view of To Determine the Place of a Sound Guidance Program in the Secondary School
Andrews, Nannie D.
Primary view of To Develop an Evaluating Technique which will have a Definite Relationship to the Declared Principles and Practices of the Speech Curriculum
Anglin, Helen
August 1937
Primary view of The Use of Easy Reading Materials with Junior High School Pupils
Anthony, Eunice Roach
Primary view of A Critical Evaluation of the Course for General Mathematics in Meeting the Needs of Youth as Revealed by Several Courses of Study and the Adopted Textbooks for Texas Schools
Armstrong, John H.
August 1952
Primary view of The Diagnostic Possibilities of the California Test of Mental Maturity as Found in a Study of Academically Successful and Unsuccessful Students of Cleburne High School
Arnold, E. Rex
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