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Primary view of Exposure to vehicle emissions results in altered blood brain barrier permeability and expression of matrix metalloproteinases and tight junction proteins in mice
Oppenheim, Hannah A.; Lucero, JoAnn; Guyot, Anne-Cécile; Herbert, Lindsay M.; McDonald, Jacob D.; Mabondzo, Aloïse et al.
June 18, 2013
Primary view of Digital equivalence of biological neural AND-gate, OR-gate and MIN-Gate
Tam, Nicoladie D.
September 2013
Primary view of Optical imaging of motor cortical hemodynamic response to directional arm movements using near-infrared spectroscopy
Tam, Nicoladie D. & Zouridakis, George
Primary view of Improvement of processing speed in executive function immediately following an increase in cardiovascular activity
Tam, Nicoladie D.
August 7, 2013
Primary view of Underwater with a Hand Lens in the Rivers of Cape Horn, Chile; Ecology, Biocultural Conservation and Education at the Top of the World (55°S) or Zen and communicating aquatic ecology at the Top of the World (55°S)
Kennedy, James H.
April 22, 2013
Primary view of Water Water Everywhere! but not a drop to drink?
Thompson, Ruthanne
April 22, 2013
Primary view of Isolation and Analysis of Mycobacteriophage CharlieBrwn
Jung, Jennifer A. & Powell, Aaron
Primary view of The Effect of Medical Technology on the Cost and Availability of Health Insurance
Snell, Johnae
Primary view of Developing a Density Map-based Visualization Tool for Metagenomics Analysis
Munro, Daniel
Primary view of Food Insecurity and Related Health Problems Among Children in Denton, Texas
Kouchade, Bissilola
Primary view of Manganese Superoxide Dismutase Is a Promising Target for Enhancing Chemosensitivity of Basal-like Breast Carcinoma
Kumar, Alan Prem; Loo, Ser Yue; Shin, Sung Won; Tan, Tuan Zea; Eng, Chon Boon; Singh, Rajeev et al.
August 21, 2013
Primary view of Preliminary Assessment of Microbiome Changes Following Blood-Feeding and Survivorship in the Amblyomma americanum Nymph-to-Adult Transition using Semiconductor Sequencing
Menchaca, Arturo C.; Visi, David K.; Strey, Otto F.; Teel, Pete D.; Kalinowski, Kevin E.; Allen, Michael S. et al.
June 20, 2013
Primary view of Garcinol, a Polyisoprenylated Benzophenone Modulates Multiple Proinflammatory Signaling Cascades Leading to the Suppression of Growth and Survival of Head and Neck Carcinoma
Li, Feng; Shanmugam, Muthu K.; Chen, Luxi; Chatterjee, Snehajyoti; Basha, Jeelan; Kumar, Alan Prem et al.
June 26, 2013
Primary view of Elemental Concentrations in the Seed of Mutants and Natural Variants of Arabidopsis thaliana Grown under Varying Soil Conditions
McDowell, Stephen C.; Akmakjian, Garo; Sladek, Chris; Mendoza-Cózatl, David; Morrissey, Joe B.; Saini, Nick et al.
May 2013
Primary view of Standardization of Switchgrasss Sample Collection for Cell Wall and Biomass Trait Analysis
Hardin, C. Frank; Fu, Chunxiang; Hisano, Hiroshi; Xiao, Xirong; Shen, Hui; Stewart, C. Neal et al.
June 1, 2013
Primary view of A Genomics Approach to Deciphering Lignin Biosynthesis in Switchgrass
Shen, Hui; Mazarei, Mitra; Hisano, Hiroshi; Escamilla-Treviño, Luis; Fu, Chunxiang; Pu, Yunqiao et al.
November 2013
Primary view of Characterization of the Formation of Branched Short-Chain Fatty Acid: CoAs for Bitter Acid Biosynthesis in Hop Glandular Trichomes
Xu, Haiyang; Zhang, Fengxia; Liu, Baoxiu; Huhman, David; Sumner, Lloyd W.; Dixon, R. A. et al.
July 2013
Primary view of Coexistence but Independent Biosynthesis of Catechyl and Guaiacyl/Syringyl Lignin Polymers in Seed Coats
Tobimatsu, Yuki; Chen, Fang; Nakashima, Jin; Escamilla-Treviño, Luis; Jackson, Lisa A.; Dixon, R. A. et al.
July 2013
Primary view of Functional Characterization of Proanthocyanidin Pathway Enzymes from Tea and Their Application for Metabolic Engineering
Pang, Yongzhen; Abeysinghe, I. Sarath B.; He, Ji; He, Xian-Zhi; Huhman, David; Mewan, K. Mudith et al.
March 2013
Primary view of Validation of an emotional model by EEG recordings of neural responses
Tam, Nicoladie D.
July 8, 2013
Primary view of Enhanced characteristics of genetically modified switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) for high biofuel production
Shen, Hui; Poovaiah, Charleson R.; Ziebell, Angela; Tschaplinski, Timothy J.; Pattathil, Sivakumar; Gjersing, Erica et al.
May 7, 2013
Primary view of Monolignol Biosynthesis and its Genetic Manipulation: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Dixon, R. A.; Reddy, M. S. Srinivasa & Gallego-Giraldo, Lina
Primary view of Identification of a New Class of Lipid Droplet-Associated Proteins in Plants
Horn, Patrick J.; James, Christopher N.; Gidda, Satinder K.; Kilaru, Aruna; Dyer, John M.; Mullen, Robert T. et al.
August 2013
Primary view of N-Palmitoylethanolamine depot injection increased its tissue levels and those of other acylethanolamide lipids
Grillo, Stephanie L.; Keereetaweep, Jantana; Grillo, Michael A.; Chapman, Kent D. & Koulen, Peter
August 9, 2013
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