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Primary view of 2.1 Pan-WCRP Monsoon Modelling Workshop Summary
Sperber, K R
June 28, 2005
Primary view of 04 nuclear safety: pressure piping crack monitoring detection of metal overstress by acoustic emission. Progress report, July-September 1966
Hutton, P H
October 28, 1966
Primary view of 5/10-MVA high temperature superconducting power transformer. Progress report for the period May 1998 - June 1999
Intermagnetics General Corporation
July 28, 1999
Primary view of 9-ANGIE : a Two-Dimensional, Multigroup, Neutron-Diffusion-Theory Reactor Code for the IBM 709 or 7090
Stone, Stuart P.
October 28, 1960
Primary view of 10-30 Bev/c ELASTIC SCATTERING OF $pi$$sup +-$+ p, p + p, /anti p/ + p AND K$sup +-$ + p OVER THE /t/ RANGE 0.0005 TO 1 (Bev/c)$sup 2$
Foley, K. J.; Gilmore, R. S.; Jones, R. S.; Lindenbaum, S. J.; Love, W. A.; Ozaki, S. et al.
July 28, 1964
Primary view of 25 content of initial lots of Hanford UO{sub 3}
Work, J. B.
May 28, 1952
Primary view of 30 Megawatt Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator for Sodium Cooled Reactor System: Volume 2, Chemical and Stress Analysis
Alco Products (Firm)
February 28, 1962
Primary view of 45-Day safety screening results for tank 241-U-102, push mode cores 143 and 144
Steen, F. H.
June 28, 1996
Primary view of 100 Areas technical activities report -- Engineering, May, 1950
unknown creator
June 28, 1950
Primary view of 100-B unit purge May 20, 1945
Dahlen, P. A.
May 28, 1945
Primary view of 100-DR-1 radiological surveys
Naiknimbalkar, N. M.
January 28, 1994
Primary view of 100-Mw Nuclear Power Plant Utilizing a Sodium Cooled, Graphite Moderated Reactor
unknown creator
February 28, 1958
Primary view of AN-102 Simulant Sr/TRU Precipitation and Ultrafiltration
Zamecnik, J. R.
April 28, 2003
Primary view of 200 Area Deactivation Project Facilities Authorization Envelope Document
Dodd, E. N.
March 28, 2000
Primary view of 200 area weekly report
Christl, R. J.
July 28, 1955
Primary view of A 200 MHz 35 MW Multiple Beam Klystron for Accelerator Applications Final Report
Ives, R. Lawrence; Read, Michael; Ferguson, Patrick & Marsden, David
November 28, 2011
Primary view of 221-U Facility concrete and reinforcing steel evaluations specification for the canyon disposition initiative (CDI)
Baxter, J. T.
May 28, 1998
Primary view of 241-SY-101 DACS instrument problem screen (SCR 448) acceptance test procedure
Ermi, A. M.
June 28, 1999
Primary view of 242-A evaporator vacuum condenser system
Smith, V. A.
September 28, 1994
Barfuss, Brad C.; Barnett, J. M. & Harbinson, L Jill
August 28, 2006
Primary view of 300 Area Treated Effluent Disposal Facility computer software release cover sheet and revision record
McCarthy, R. J.
November 28, 1994
Primary view of 327 Building liquid waste handling options modification project plan
Ham, J.E.
March 28, 1998
Primary view of EEN-333, revised getter flash procedure
Brown, W.C.
June 28, 1960
Primary view of A 350 MHz, 200 kW CW, Multiple Beam Inductive Output Tube - Final Report
Ives, R. Lawrece; Collins, George; Read, David Marsden Michael; Eisen, Edward & Takuchi Kamura, Philipp Borchard
November 28, 2012
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