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Primary view of Three-dimensional Numerical Investigation of Electron Transport with Rotating Spoke in a Cylindrical Anode Layer Hall Plasma Accelerator
Ellison, C. Leland; Matyash, K.; Parker, J. B.; Raitses, Y. & Fisch, N. J.
August 27, 1012
Primary view of Thermal Expansion of Insulating Materials
Souder, Wilmer H. & Hidnert, Peter
December 27, 1919
Primary view of Factors in the design of centrifugal type injection valves for oil engines
Joachim, W. F. & Beardsley, E. G.
January 27, 1927
Primary view of Pressure Distribution Over a Rectangular Monoplane Wing Model Up to 90 Degree Angle of Attack
Knight, Montgomery & Loeser, Oscar, Jr.
October 27, 1927
Primary view of The Design of Plywood Webs for Airplane Wing Beams
Trayer, George W.
November 27, 1929
Primary view of Airship Model Tests in the Variable Density Wind Tunnel
Abbott, Ira H.
January 27, 1931
Primary view of Effect of orifice length-diameter ratio on fuel sprays for compression-ignition engines
Gelalles, A. G.
May 27, 1931
Primary view of Measurements of flow in the boundary layer of a 1/40-scale model of the U. S. Airship "Akron"
Freeman, Hugh B.
April 27, 1932
Primary view of Infrared Radiation From Explosions in a Spark-Ignition Engine
Marvin, Charles F., Jr.; Caldwell, Frank R. & Steele, Sydney
February 27, 1934
Primary view of Effect of Tip Shape and Dihedral on Lateral-Stability Characteristics
Shortal, Joseph A.
August 27, 1935
Primary view of Drag of Cylinders of Simple Shapes
Lindsey, W. F.
October 27, 1937
Primary view of A Flight Comparison of Conventional Ailerons on a Rectangular Wing and of Conventional and Floating Wing-Tip Ailerons on a Tapered Wing
Soulé, H. A. & Gracey, W.
October 27, 1937
Primary view of Effects of elevator nose shape, gap, balance, and tabs on the aerodynamic characteristics of a horizontal tail surface
Goett, Harry J. & Reeder, J. P.
April 27, 1939
Primary view of Surface heat-transfer coefficients of finned cylinders
Ellerbrock, Herman H., Jr. & Biermann, Arnold E.
April 27, 1939
Primary view of Bending of Rectangular Plates With Large Deflections
Levy, Samuel
May 27, 1941
Primary view of Quality of Columbia River water
Acken, M. F.
January 27, 1943
Primary view of Studies on the Electrolytic Reduction of Nitric Acid
Hamer, Walter J.
March 27, 1943
Primary view of Project 9536, metal turnings - fire hazard
unknown creator
August 27, 1943
Primary view of Experimentation on the Extraction of Uranium from Western Ores
Saunders, E. R. & Carosella, M. C.
December 27, 1943
Primary view of The Leakage of Neutrons from a Heterogeneous Pile
Plass, Gilbert N.
December 27, 1943
Primary view of Force Test of a 1/5-Scale Model of the Type GB-5 Controllable Glide Bomb
Pitkin, Marvin
March 27, 1944
Primary view of A Study of the Deposition of Boron on Glass and on Metals in the Development of Methods for the Preparation of Diborane
Schlesinger, H. I.; Schaeffer, George W. & Barbaras, Glen D.
March 27, 1944
Primary view of The Motion of Massive Particles Through Solid Matter
Seitz, Frederick, 1911-2008
April 27, 1944
Primary view of The Theory of Propellers 1: Determination of the Circulation Function and the Mass Coefficient for Dual-Rotating Propellers
Theodorsen, Theodore
May 27, 1944
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