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Primary view of A Study of Location Times for Positions Arranged on a Panel in a Random and an Ordered Manner
Beeler, J. R.
May 25, 1955
Primary view of Vapor Traps for Handling Liquid Sodium
Erickson, A. J.; Gregory, C. L. & Lang, P. M.
August 25, 1951
Primary view of Studies on the Experimental Pathology and Biochemistry of the Pulmonary Granulomatosis of Beryllium Workers. Section II, Consolidated Progress Report. Supplement: a Review of the Physical Chemistry of Beryllium
Schepers, G. W. H. (Gerrit Willem Hendrik), 1914-
April 25, 1955
Primary view of Multi-temperature Cross Section Tape for the GNU Multigroup Calculation
Vondy, D. R.
January 25, 1961
Primary view of Multiple Controllers for a Single Process
Weaver, C. H.
January 25, 1961
Primary view of The Helium Purification System for the Proposed Pebble Bed Reactor Experiment
Scott, C. D.; Finney, B. C. & Suddath, J. C.
October 25, 1960
Primary view of Estimate of Potential Fuel Reprocessing Revision #28 - Part A
Ullmann, J. W.
June 25, 1959
Primary view of Brief Review of Heat Transfer Problems Encountered in the Production of Magnetic Fields
Alexander, L. G.
May 25, 1959
Primary view of Design Criteria for a Pile Oscillator
Dresner, Lawrence
May 25, 1959
Primary view of Unit Operations Section Monthly Progress Report May 1959
Bresee, J. C.; Haas, P. A.; Horton, R. W.; Watson, C. D. & Whatley, M. E.
August 25, 1959
Primary view of Compatibility Tests of Various Materials in Molten Sodium
Carlander, R. & Hoffman, E. E.
March 25, 1957
Primary view of Status Report on the Disposal of Radioactive Wastes
Culler, Floyd L., Jr. & McLain, Stuart
June 25, 1957
Primary view of Fuel Cycle Program - A Boiling Water Reactor Research and Development Program: Ninth Quarterly Progress Report July 1962 - September 1962
Howard, C. L.
October 25, 1962
Primary view of Maritime Loop Irradiation Program Savannah I Fuel Irradiation Quarterly Progress Report: April 1, 1961-June 30, 1961
Danielson, D. W.
August 25, 1961
Primary view of Swaging Over Unground Pellets
Brown, R. L.
January 25, 1961
Primary view of N. S. Savannah Fuel Design and Development Program: Fuel Rod Vibration (Preliminary Report)
Bailey, J. A. & Shields, C. M.
September 25, 1959
Primary view of Shielding on a 27,300 SHP Boiling Water Reactor Marine Propulsion System
Craig, W. D.
July 25, 1959
Primary view of Amendment No. 2 To Preliminary Hazards Summary Report For The Dresden Nuclear Power Station
Commonwealth Edison Company
August 25, 1958
Primary view of The Determination of Fission Product Gamma Doses
Ruehle, William G.
February 25, 1957
Primary view of The Chemistry of Vanadium: A Summary of the Non-Project Literature Through November, 1952
Frank, Andrew J.
June 25, 1954
Primary view of A Combined Distillation-Electrochemical Method for Recovery of Hydrofluoric Acid
Marinsky, J. A. & Giuffrida, A. J.
May 25, 1956
Primary view of Preliminary Results of APPR Critical Experiments, Part I.
Williams, D. V. P.
November 25, 1955
Primary view of Pb-Sn Alloy Replacements for UO2 Density Standards
Christensen, J. A.
April 25, 1960
Primary view of Preliminary Report on pH Control by Ion Exchange in High pH Systems
Demmitt, Thomas F.
April 25, 1960
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