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Primary view of Investigation of 17-4 PH Steel Components Used in SM-1, SM-1A, PM-2A Reactor Plants
Haraway, E. S. & Saccocio, R. M.
January 23, 1962
Primary view of SM-1 Reactor Vessel Closure Stud Investigation
Reali, D. L.
March 23, 1962
Primary view of Advanced Indirect Cycle Water Reactor Studies for Maritime Applications: Part 4. Steam Driven Coolant Pumps
Combustion Engineering, inc. Nuclear Division.
October 23, 1961
Primary view of Fire Test of Wooden-Jacket Shield for Radioisotope Shipping Container
Horn, Leonard H.
March 23, 1964
Primary view of Assembly of Fifty Prototype Fuel Elements for the Experimental Gas-Cooled Reactor
Wick, E. A. & Heestand, R. L.
December 23, 1960
Primary view of Results of ATR Sample Fuel Plate Irradiation Experiment
Phillips Petroleum Company
March 23, 1964
Primary view of Pyrolysis of Hexadecafluoroheptane
Walker, D. V. & Gibson, J. D.
September 23, 1949
Primary view of Engineering Test Reactor Critical Facility Control System Manual
Meichle, F. A.
June 23, 1961
Primary view of Evaluation of Radiation Stabilizers for Terphenyl by High-Temperature Electron Irradiation
Hartzfeld, H. A. & Regier, R. B.
January 23, 1963
Primary view of Comparative Cost Study of Processing Stainless Steel-Jacketed UO2 Fuel: Mechanical Shear-Leach vs Sulfex-Core Dissolution
Adams, J. B.; Benis, A. M. & Watson, C. D.
April 23, 1962
Primary view of Cost Estimate for the Food Irradiation Reactor
Jaffe, R. J.; Larson, A. M., Jr.; Leyse, C. F.; Mason, E. E. & Sliger, R. W.
August 23, 1956
Primary view of Structural Evaluation of Underground Waste Storage Tanks
Smith, Edgar F.
June 23, 1955
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