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Primary view of Revision of the Wood Rats of the Genus Neotoma
Goldman, Edward A.
October 19, 1910
Primary view of Toluol Recovery
McBride, R. S.; Reinicker, C. E. & Dunkley, W. A.
December 19, 1918
Primary view of The Ultra-Violet and Visible Transmission of Various Colored Glasses
Gibson, K. S.; Tyndall, E. P. T. & McNicholas, H. J.
March 19, 1920
Primary view of Rolling Moments Due to Rolling and Yaw for Four Wing Models in Rotation
Knight, Montgomery & Wenzinger, Carl J.
August 19, 1930
Primary view of Some approximate equations for the standard atmosphere
Diehl, Walter S.
September 19, 1930
Primary view of The effect of nozzle design and operating conditions on the atomization and distribution of fuel sprays
Lee, Dana W.
February 19, 1932
Primary view of Maneuverability investigation of an O3U-1 observation airplane
Thompson, F. L. & Kirschbaum, H. W.
January 19, 1933
Primary view of A Flight Investigation of the Lateral Control Characteristics of Short Wide Ailerons and Various Spoilers With Different Amounts of Wing Dihedral
Weick, Fred E.; Soulé, Hartley A. & Gough, Melvin N.
May 19, 1934
Primary view of Tank tests of NACA model 40 series of hulls for small flying boats and amphibians
Parkinson, John B. & Dawson, John R.
June 19, 1935
Primary view of A simplified application of the method of operators to the calculation of disturbed motions of an airplane
Jones, Robert T.
February 19, 1936
Primary view of Effect of nozzle design on fuel spray and flame formation in a high-speed compression-ignition engine
Rothrock, A. M. & Waldron, C. D.
March 19, 1936
Primary view of The Rolling Friction of Several Airplane Wheels and Tires and the Effect of Rolling Friction on Take-Off
Wetmore, J. W.
September 19, 1936
Primary view of Compressible Flow About Symmetrical Joukowski Profiles
Kaplan, Carl
November 19, 1937
Primary view of Theoretical stability and control characteristics of wings with various amounts of taper and twist
Pearson, Henry A. & Jones, Robert T.
April 19, 1938
Primary view of Effective Gust Structure at Low Altitudes as Determined From the Reactions of an Airplane
Donely, Philip
October 19, 1939
Primary view of Propeller analysis from experimental data
Stickle, George W. & Crigler, John L.
July 19, 1940
Primary view of Flight Measurements of the Effects of a Wing Leading-Edge Slot and Other Modifications on the Stability, Maximum Lift, and High Speed of an Observation Airplane
Turner, William N. & Adams, Betty
January 19, 1943
Primary view of Critical amounts of uranium compounds
Konopinski, E.; Metropolis, N.; Teller, E. & Woods, L.
March 19, 1943
Primary view of [Technical progress report for Hanford 100 and 300 areas]. Progress report ending May 15, 1943
unknown creator
May 19, 1943
Primary view of Time Variation of Percent Distribution of Fission Activity in Bombarded Uranyl Nitrate
Brady, E. L. & Coryell, Charles D.
May 19, 1943
Primary view of Memorandum on Uranium Ore Processing
Brimm, E. O. & Gailey, A. J.
November 19, 1943
Primary view of On the plane potential flow past a lattice of arbitrary airfoils
Garrick, I. E.
November 19, 1943
Primary view of A Theoretical Investigation of the Rolling Oscillations of an Airplane With Ailerons Free
Cohen, Doris
November 19, 1943
Primary view of The Effects of a Highly Cambered Low-Drag Wing and of Auxiliary Flaps on the High-Speed Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Twin-Engine Pursuit Airplane Model
Ganzer, Victor M.
February 19, 1944
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