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Primary view of Air Scattering of Co60 Gamma Rays: Theory Versus Experiment
Moran, Rubert S.
April 17, 1958
Primary view of Development of the Excer Process
Marinsky, J. A.
April 17, 1956
Primary view of The Isolation and Purification of Americium
Campbell, D. O.
April 17, 1956
Primary view of Digital-to-Analogue Converter (Punched Tape to X-Y Plotter)
Wall, G. N.
January 17, 1962
Primary view of Current-Switching Circuitry
Salvador, Jack Gilbert & Pederson, D. O.
July 17, 1961
Primary view of Calcium Uranium(IV) Fluoride; Precipitation and Reduction to Metal
Tolley, W. B.
March 17, 1955
Primary view of Proposed Clean-Up System for Carbon Steel High Temperature Recirculation System
Pearl, W. L.
March 17, 1955
Primary view of The Aeolotropic Elastic Relations for Uranium Crystals
Merckx, K. R.
December 17, 1954
Primary view of Warping Instability in Long Rods
Young, Gale Jay
August 17, 1944
Primary view of Resonance Absorption in Lumps and Mixtures
Dancoff, Sidney M., 1913-1951 & Gingburg, M.
April 17, 1944
Primary view of The Thermal Expansion of Five Titanium Carbide Cermets from 68 to 1800F
Harrington, L. C. & Rowe, G. H.
August 17, 1962
Primary view of Bonding of Tantalum
Rogers, S. L.
June 17, 1959
Primary view of Ames Project, Chemical Research - General Chemistry, Report for the Period of April 10 to May 10, 1944
Spedding, F. H. (Frank Harold), 1902- & Wilhelm, H. A.
June 17, 1944
Primary view of A High Volume Casting Furnace for Plutonium
Anderson, J. W. & Thomas, R. L.
February 17, 1953
Primary view of Plastic Bonded RDX
James, E. & Smith, L. C.
July 17, 1952
Primary view of Scintillation Counter [gamma]-Spectra Unfolding Code for the IBM-650 Computer
West, Harry I., Jr. & Johnston, Bradley.
February 17, 1960
Primary view of Operation Roller Coaster Project Officers Report -- Project 2.8 : Off-Site Survey
Coogan, J. S.; Wait, D. L. & Waligora, S. J.
September 17, 1968
Primary view of Drilling on Tenderfoot Mesa, Mesa County, Colorado (Revised from RMO-821, for open file)
Davis, Wiliam T.
January 17, 1956
Primary view of Recommendations for an exploration program on Mitchell Mesa, Monument Valley area, Arizona
Witkind, Irving Jerome & Thaden, Robert E.
September 17, 1954
Primary view of Preliminary report on exploration in the Yellow Cat area, Grand County, Utah
Mobley, C. M.
February 17, 1954
Primary view of Progress report on the Happy Jack Mine, White Canyon area, San Juan County, Utah
Trites, Albert F. & Chew, Randall T.
September 17, 1954
Primary view of Economic geology of the aluminum phosphate zone on property owned by the American Agricultural Chemical Company, land-pebble phosphate district, Florida
Cathcart, James Bachelder; McGreevy, L. J. & Coleman, A. M.
September 17, 1991
Primary view of Examination made for Mr. Marc Jenkins of a property in the White Signal mining district, Grant County, New Mexico
Gaggini, Louis P.
September 17, 1948
Primary view of A Census of Game Collections in Libraries: Final Report
Dewitt-Miller, Erin & Robson, Diane
July 17, 2019
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